Catastrophe (part forty-nine)

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (part forty-nine)                               XXXII The Observations of the Pouyer-Quertier The exact unfolding of the phenomena     Now, the most precise observations, the best and clearest noted on the eruptions of Mount Pelée, and […]

Yoharie (part six)

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Yoharie Giarma Meets Trevor (part six)               Oh, funny. Giarma pushed tightness out of her smile, making an odd face odder, no doubt. But he wasn’t looking. He was pulling the well-thumbed Totem to the cushion beside him. He drew another from the bottom of the stack. “Take this. […]

Flame (poem)

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      Flame   You’re old You’re a tactic with a history purloined memory you tried and applied on the word of a bombast, his nazi*ish ploy It makes the town flame wonder what propagation popped the hinges, and whether here, in this place, a type too coincident gathered, for reasons the investigation hasn’t […]

The Totem-Maker (part seventeen)

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The Totem-Maker Chapter Two Jealousy (part seventeen)                 The cloth was painted with a favorite legend, of the lovers who confounded the gods. The young man held prisoner to be sacrificed; the princess, having begged her father allow a parting word, throwing herself from the tower in his […]

Yoharie (part five)

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Yoharie Giarma Meets Trevor (part five)               “Giarma Yoharie.” “Right.” “I think,” she said, “you’re sort of friends with Dawn.” “Dawn need something?” “Um.” She looked past his shoulder. “Oh, yeah. Wanna come in?” I sure don’t, buddy. She followed him. “Do you know I have a brother?” “Yeah. […]

The Totem-Maker (part sixteen)

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The Totem-Maker Chapter Two Jealousy (part sixteen)                 Jealousy makes the most vigilant of watchmen; jealousy’s regard never strays from the envied man’s house, his wealth, his luck in love—his luck, even, in misfortune, should misfortune draw sympathy, open purses. Jealousy’s regard is on the street corner word […]

Wonderfully Made (poem)

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      Wonderfully Made   The psalmist makes good report of himself God sighs that the trick of vision could not be worked When the heavy-brained article came to move and apprehend He had hoped praise, in parlance, would mean humility But what do things mean? It has feet to carry it here and […]

My Blog Week: October 8 to October 14

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All the Latest from Torsade!                                   On Monday, The Totem-Maker, with a vendetta growing from wounded pride. On Thursday, a poem reissue, “Such Is Life”. On Friday, a new chapter of Yoharie, with Giarma sent by Dawn on an […]

All Bedlam Courses Past (part eighty-three)

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          All Bedlam Courses Past   Chapter Three An Object in Motion (part eighty-three)             “Mr. Ebrach, you have been very kind. I’m sure it’s only kindness that accounts for any overindulgence…do I want to say indulgence? Over-willingness, perhaps. But I must remind you, these are […]

Yoharie (part four)

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Yoharie Giarma Meets Trevor (part four)               Roberta swore…or she didn’t swear… She avowed, maybe. Dr. Witticombe wasn’t a friendly woman, per se. Effusion was not among her habits of speech. She was, Giarma thought, sort of an exasperated wizard. She came out of her study, imparted the knowledge […]