Tourmaline (conclusion)

Tourmaline Tourmaline (conclusion)           Nearing an outcrop of rock that formed a cove with a brutal undertow, Anton saw the usual small craft, that rowed out to the anchored boats. His ear was attuned for the first time to snatches of the peninsular speech, the patois of the fishmongers. He was […]

La Catastrophe de la Martinique: fifty-eight

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (fifty-eight)             And I come again to M. le sénateur Knight. He has lost one hundred and four members of his family, and all his belongings, all his fortune (save the 125,000 francs given him by the Bank), but, he says, this personal […]

First to Come Ashore (poem)

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      First to Come Ashore   Betrayal and surprise are reasonable things Now we live on Ocean in floating boils of aluminum Open hatch, rope in on Drop Days inflatable rings Netted centers packed, and water Better to wash with and drink (outside stuff desalinated, never wholly uncontaminated) Crackers and raisins in tight […]

My Blog Week: May 19 to May 25

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All the Latest from Torsade!                       A Word on the Week   The Deadly Queue   The death toll on Everest this year is among the highest recorded, ten victims. The nation of Nepal has issued about 380 permits for the season, reportedly each costing […]

Adventures in Research: Mystery at Sea

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My Curious Reading Adventures in Research Mystery at Sea                   My great-grandmother Barker, above, at sixteen, and probably in  the 1940s, born Clara Wilda Giles, in Eldorado, Illinois, comes from a family line not easy to trace. Her father was William Lafayette Giles, buried in Saline County, […]

Dum-dum (poem)

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      Dum-dum   What the assembly wants to understand Everyone we are on page three hundred sixty-four The hour is near the break Watch through years of circling the outerbelt Neighborhoods go down once the charred shape of a wing shorn Plane was a moment worth eulogizing stamped On the split-levels of a […]

La Catastrophe de la Martinique: fifty-seven

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (fifty-seven)                           XXXVI Senator Knight Again     I made the return crossing in the company of M. le sénateur Knight. I have mentioned already, in the course of this volume, some of the “political views” […]

Yoharie: Neverers (part two)

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Yoharie Neverers (part two)               Here was the special vocabulary. The character, by the author, had not been made male or female. Hearty debate in the World, did Southey have a preference, did he/she plant clues, were phrases such as “…an ex-slave, bearing his mark…”, evidentiary, or only grammatical, […]

The Totem-Maker: Winter Alone (part six)

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The Totem-Maker Chapter Five Winter Alone (part six)             I had slept at my first home in profoundest silence…fairly it might be said, that of the grave. Childhood dreams did not meander here from sound to sound, weaving a story of footsteps, caterwauling, morning birdsong; rather mine, I could now […]

My Blog Week: May 12 to May 18

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All the Latest from Torsade!                         A Word on the Week   Problems You Didn’t Know You Had     Starting small and going large, let’s consider a little story followers of late night TV will have heard. Last week, a twist of plot […]