Mettle (poem)

      Mettle   “U,” she said. The captain watched. Her complexion had grown icy blue, a certain vibrancy of disintegration marred his perception that she lived. She might have activated her Afterglow, this conversation might be the final testimony, brief window of immortality, as technology afforded “U,” she said. “What, Riva,” he asked […]

The Dismaying (poem)

      The Dismaying   Seriousness, ha, ha, ha surplus responsibility from I love you Don’t, these days, be loved Think hard, take an hour, on relevancy on impact, on whether unimpactful relevancy or relevance without counts. Is modern. Modern? Modern Modern Modern Modern Begins to look like a dark kingdom’s moniker Was modernity […]

From Rattus: Bears the Punishment (poem)

      Bears the Punishment   I am proof of God’s existence Proof, to assemble it, I construct in opposition I make the non of a thing its being I am the eye of the storm Meaning seeks me I am taught by taped confessions Flakes of soul reduplicated Defenestrated stiffs of history Waters […]

A Torsade Digital Gallery (two)

Another collection of art for Torsade that doesn’t exist on paper. Except for the cover art for Are You Haunted, which has a print version on every copy.             This is from a painting in progress, where I liked this phase of it, and wanted to preserve what would cease […]

From Rattus: Giddy (poem)

      Giddy   Come on, come on you blanched and legless hellbender Tucking the lettuce edging of your gills About your trembling shoulders like a shawl You blanched and legless hellbender Smitten by the torchlight Bronzing the sound-proof undulations Of your pit under rock under ooze Your all in all because you feel […]

A Torsade Digital Gallery

Posted by ractrose on 27 May 2021 in Art |No Comments

Since digital art has been in the news, and so far as anyone understands the phenomenon may be the future of art collecting; and since I had a day of nonwriting work that kept me from preparing a more content-heavy post, I thought I’d share with my readers some of the images I’ve created for […]

Dust (poem)

      Dust   Dust clots on table ends A hiving manufactory within Colluding by concealment Iota by micrometer rebukes The rag itself devolves to lint A cry in code descends in sweat and skin And bakes a cake in corners left unclean Its cumbrance plods uncounted Yet to be sure Fatigued and overladen […]

From Rattus: Movie of the Week (a TV culture poem)

Posted by ractrose on 15 May 2021 in Art, Poems

      Movie of the Week   A small man climbs Hurries but keeps his hand clamped that it glide in care Care not to lose that grip For him each splintering riser yawns And the rail sits to mock his inches Like a tool that measures, the bar insists “You must be so […]

From Rattus: Why Not Let (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 14 May 2021 in Art, Poems

      Why Not Let   You have to choose things, and delay is not a choice You occupy a desk Your daily life is work and doesn’t work And something like a four-foot space Holds all you see the whole of most your days Your back-vulnerable confrontation with outsiders Ought to have you […]

Eight: argument (poetry series)

Posted by ractrose on 13 May 2021 in Art, Poems

      argument   You’re a sugar cookie, you’re a fashion plate When dressed by experts you sit, deadly tasteful, a smug subdued disc sporting a simple initial You’re a peanut butter cookie, you smell nice in the oven, you pair well with chocolate milk you disappoint a little, why? perhaps it’s your neither-here-nor-thereness… […]