Dum-dum (poem)

    Dum-dum   What the assembly wants to understand Everyone we are on page three hundred sixty-four The hour is near the break Watch through years of circling the outerbelt Neighborhoods go down once the charred shape of a wing shorn Plane was a moment worth eulogizing stamped On the split-levels of a small […]

Poison in the Marrow: Tenth Pale Knight

    The Folly The German Spy     Poison in the Marrow   Now Trout had had an aunt A woman inculcated with a fair education Of course, one mustn’t laugh No. There, but for the grace of… She’d spoken of burning one’s Rubicons behind one He feels, coming to himself, the point is […]

Transposed (poem)

    Transposed   The wreckage walks mumbling beneath a slack jaw “That’s right” He tells himself, some plans in ruin are transposed Today the wretched knick-knackery composes all Dry cleaning, tweeds to wedge away until the sky turns grey Arch, the eyebrow raised, the place descending Underneath the bridge where cups bob in the […]

Entrée (poem)

    Entrée   Touché, Stingray, time to play I think they do respect it Respect it in the way of fearing it Fearing in the way of doubting all their money spent Procured them more than a costly duplicate Intuited ahead of the pace of classwork By the fresh new voice and rat-a-tat footwork […]

Put to Sleep (poem)

    Put to Sleep   See in his confusion the never-clean corner Never touch the waste of thought ebbs And pushed by other thoughts No better than the last Fear and reverie whirl here into scum ponds He is feeling bad for someone No, he feels sorry, envy drains the heart― For himself…he feels […]

The Public Waits for a Hint (poem)

    The Public Waits for a Hint   They wait for a waking alarm Each day dispels from flailing hands that drag away the mask The vision of a stranger whose mind accepts Cannoned across the continent by a clanging chime He accepts, now you must stop rebelling Like the good of the nation […]

Where End Meets Beginning: Ninth Pale Knight

    The Folly The Legend of the Pale Knight     Where End Meets Beginning   Now, he allows for those romantic fancies That titillate the female set Virginia, Trout views with an oblige suited To a scientific man’s noblesse Trout, who knows his shutter speeds And chemical baths—and grades of films Appropriate for […]

Bride to Be (part five)

    Bride to Be (part five)   Alderic. Do I not know the name? Is he that man Tills yon spit of land, so thin and barren Trades in horses… Have a care, young daughter. Vestal to a carven goddess These our conquerors will have you cloistered There your nose may humbly point, as […]

Is Nothing (poem)

    Is Nothing   Sacred, you would be inclined to add Sacred, draw an image from the void A graven image or a prunish pose Whatever state of mind or objectivity Beats our bargains must remain in inventory Is nothing nothing nothing is Can stop us now | but a dream To lose by […]

Song of Trout: Eighth Pale Knight

  The Folly The Legend of the Pale Knight     Song of Trout   There is no harm in others underestimating one’s fortitude Matthew Piers Trout has reason to be sure of it Sure as he’d known, from school days, loneliness mutate into priestly hauteur Mysteries performed behind the darkroom door Life given purpose, […]