The Impresario (part twenty-five)

    The Impresario Part Twenty-Five   Three long blasts and a short to summon The captain of the Bishop’s horse The foot-guard lustily bash heads Gaspard’s men eagerly make arrest For every fine collected is a feather for their nest Tortu’s sturdy back unaided must draw the sledge The wax-man’s mass umbrellaed ’Neath a […]

Where Fashion Sits (poem)

    Where Fashion Sits   Are you the larval worm In the larder Every feathered pillow has this unseen delver You feel yourself layered in tissue paper Your rat’s race a peristaltic ripple of waxy flesh Your crackling head a pin The glue has brittled in the way of yellow cellophane The leather soles […]

Mince No Words: Seventh Battle Stations

    The Folly Battle Stations         Mince No Words   Business is to be got to…Trout, though he’d offered pretext Possesses so little of personal quality While a monocled eye, unsuffering of fools, peers so expectant The host shrugs away his first, introductory amblings Though ahead he forages as much as […]

Male and Female (poem)

    Male and Female   You might be nothing much a hatchback human utilitarian, cute thing a nice or not nice who says I’m not named with a name without a hope for yourself the profile of a popular young’un a ranch hand from a feet up, TV on waiting out the ninth month […]

The Impresario (part twenty-four)

  The Impresario Part Twenty-Four   Behind leathern masks are the fighters’ faces hid To make livelier sport for the pleasure of the mob For to lose the sight of an eye, or have a nose cut off Cuts short the combat, those on tiptoes at the back Do not strain themselves to witness a […]

Fight Me (poem)

    Fight Me   “Fight me,” says Mr. Boots. He smiles upside down, beaming, chin above whisker pads At the yellow goldfish whose mouth Expresses opening and closing, pushing in and out, no more She cannot answer to his mocking Nor can he mock her as he’d like But matches every parting of her […]

Heroic Courage (poem)

    Heroic Courage   What it is is dying that, but…    if a moment comes you take them with your mouth shut, both Respectfully, no… Both torture and release No. I don’t think a hero can rescue a hero No, you’re half right, never boast, I’m saying Dying may not be requisite However, the […]

The Impresario (part twenty-three)

    The Impresario Part Twenty-Three   A laughing cadre of three…Pierre, the Dauphin Enter with the ease of welcome guests They, and the young man, Renald Pass in chatter the vintner’s threshold Pierre notes Tortu waits them by the hearth, alone. Forcing a smile, he says, “Renald. You must join our guild, and leave […]

You Have No Whiffle Ball (poem)

    You Have No Whiffle Ball   You have no whiffle ball You have no chew bone You have no visionary scent-life Ringing your ears with color never seen You have no mind to dream You have nothing other than your dogness Where are your toys? You’ve eaten them, and now complain That you […]

Aground (poem)

    Aground   Soldiers, duty dull    dull and foul made penalty by bouts of deluge it is no use to say the farmers need it we’ll all of us eat the fruits but today is different, the other asks, how then… For, don’t we? put a thousand prisoners to the sword But yet […]