Cenotaph (poem)

      Cenotaph   The undertone and halftone of every shadow lead the eye astray Your bread has taken on a grey hue Your milk and eggs Your shirt and shoes Like clouds against the greyer backdrop of the grey sky   Offset softly not too harshly Whatever the ground contains lives here indifferent […]

Thank You Not (poem)

      Thank You Not   As many times as they came round with the syringe Offering again―the words they used―relief from pain He had refused “Pain I can bear,” he told them “But I will always be here.” Escorted to his granddaughter’s arm She, peeling free magenta roses and her handbag’s strap glued […]

Petal and Perfume (poem)

      Petal and Perfume   At their tables, they waited She had made them see, by knotted strings That flared white, and danced, and left their Interweavings on the eye’s lens Against the contrast of brown limbs A bower of surpassing craft Decked in petal and perfume All that was prelude The trespasser […]

A Chatterbug’s Memoires

Posted by ractrose on 1 Sep 2022 in Art, Poems

      A Chatterbug’s Memoires   Before self-anointing try a means test Have conference with the ash tree’s railing leaves The dying fighter not yet wholly girdled A corpse of heartwood chip by chip stripped clean Bad tidings brought by an agent of the bourse Make every act of treason underpay Chapters of a […]

Lionera Skimgold (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 31 Aug 2022 in Art, Poems

      Lionera Skimgold   Lionera Skimgold had been almost a cavalier She had ankle-wedged herself with camelotish Leanings on the leap from Maid of the Chambers With blunt scissors cut into Eleanor of Aquitaine’s court And then her pointless tendency to make herself cozy Tripped her down to a town council One might […]

Confess (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 17 Aug 2022 in Art, Poems

      Confess   the word that ticks my oscillating clock suggests apotheosis…on…life catharsis…off…death     I have been given tables of text assigned to a subject, living Her articles read, and books, and music heard, using Instance of praise and insult given Praise matched (programmed) to aggrandizing spin Insult linked to (fantasy of) […]

Knew (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 12 Aug 2022 in Art, Poems

      Knew   Evils come again, his complaint, their demands Once unsullied things, images risen to a tar pool’s cunning gloss, waiting family faces, images of that, strangers as remembered, kitchen flooring, lino laying a sheet unattached, anxious about that a great-nephew ferried across cornfields feet smudging patterns packed with hours chewing buttons, […]

Music to the Silent Spirit (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 6 Aug 2022 in Art, Poems

      Music to the Silent Spirit   Each time a scale was shed The poor belabored beast reshod And every time the winch was turned A sleeve-end drawn and bunched The chain’s links locked A shocking tragedy   Unwanted weight dislodged with a careless tread Slumps from the precipice and polishes the surface […]

Poppets (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 2 Aug 2022 in Art, Poems

      Poppets   This beanbag poppet with a muslin skin Made to dance on its stubs Given vocals pitched high Pinched out of a pocket to tell of How it lounges most hours in a hammock Wasting time There’s a second poppet Made of calico and yellow floss Jesus did not teach with […]

Now to Steal (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 31 Jul 2022 in Art, Poems

      Now to Steal    His legatees can’t feel In the moment they are disowned Can’t themselves waste-binned A thread of white tape unwound from the screws A stain sinking iron back to intimacy For a heaven’s afternoon in unfilled pockets Of its first home   There has only been A daughter’s daughter […]