Purpose No Secret (poem)

    Purpose No Secret   One side having conceded to the other Purpose no secret Unilateral repudiation Circumstance of high emotion   They would not presume Being what they are They know what words are expected   Pressure system measured Extensively Through years of hating Openly   Blatant breach of rules Others take Otherwise […]

World On (poem)

    World On   You picked up the habit preposterous Invited it to octopus upon you like a SciFi nemesis You would rather walk around in this condition Than learn what your face looks like now   Does the word preposterous seem about to cover it? Would we coin cockamamity, cell by cell brain-slaughteration, […]

The Impresario (part six)

    The Impresario Part Six   O, jealousy! Regalus in penance catches Pierre by the sleeve For amid a burst of cries and laughter none had heard The missile strike. Silent Tortu from errands of his own Pads near to Regalus with a bleeding face Pierre’s hand closes over hers, avec tendresse “Boniface!” The […]

A Fall Song (poem)

    A Fall Song   Crown the lost skill with a swatch Of summer’s frost-killed borning Nigh the late season skewer in Hanging moss in diadem Like unpaid tax this sorrowing For loyalty’s contagion Takes thirty days a week per year For charity knit things for sale Embattled she has things to fool Her […]

Withholding (poem)

    Withholding   What is the act of picturing, given in imperative What is useless while pitiless while infectious Or the opposite of good What is the consequence of forked currents and stoppered things uncapped What is the doghead to the loud man’s fingersnap What is the faith that errand runners get their tips […]

The Impresario (part five)

    The Impresario Part Five   “My devoted young novice, all men are liars.” “And you, chevalier, are the worst of sinners, to call me by that name.” “I am, I own it…yet, by faith, I shan’t die unredeemed, dear Regalus. The false priest whom I served Minting coin with his blasphemous arts Pilgrims […]

The Epistles: Fifth Battle Stations

    The Folly Battle Stations       The Epistles   The Contessa writes to the chapters of the Fellowship Prophecies her companions unveil in a language familiar To followers of readings and summonings, to seekers Who divine a card’s turning, hear the undercurrent’s drumming Malice and menace…she hopes that her warnings are timely […]

Thought It Mattered (poem)

    Thought It Mattered   He has a friend in a bowl The sort you make at the mini-mall On your travels, in your exiles Cautious cradled on your hotel bed Met with, savvy one, in the aisles of commerce Flirty one, forward one, the head portion swings A wink, if the creature had […]

The Impresario (part four)

    The Impresario Part Four   Comes the impresario with a servant Of his host shouldering mystery on a brancard Lost staging pictures, lulled by the flare and death of flame Fairgoers enticed, he sees them, made to long For itching curiosity relieved A glimpse inside He stops, the way is thickening with bodies […]

Until the Last’s Returning: Fourth Battle Stations

    The Folly Battle Stations         Until the Last’s Returning   He waits along the quay, mood agity, wandered well away From sheltered benches where a better class Than Dougal counts himself…city sorts, on holiday Able to have loose ends and weekends to their lives Booked today not forever, but for […]