Bride to Be (part seven)

    Bride to Be (part seven)   If he would be there to meet me I would risk the chase My father in that fretful time keeping me guarded close Such of quandary was my trial, to love and doubt (and that I must, that he was not soft and pious, made me proud) […]

Fortune’s Refugees (poem)

    Fortune’s Refugees   Whether this is the saga [This Is the Saga, the announcer announces, when the solo flute ends and the violins swell] of three generations, in quest of freedom, unless pioneers, then the Civil War factors or the title asks for a sensitive treatment, of WWII…writer? This is the Saga of […]

Enemies (poem)

    Enemies   The way I fall in step is oldest news But don’t ask me, the goods I got, it’s on authority I could quote you the bible…or, how bout? Tell you this, a little fairy story I know you want sympathy, they all do But you listen to me You don’t have […]

The Impresario (part fourteen)

    The Impresario Part Fourteen   “Now you recall I had been telling you How the solicitations of my own Gaspard Were not to be refused…I, most readily Admitting everything, called down, mon frère Heaven’s wrath on my own head Did I omit a word or tell a lie For as against the scaffold, […]

Bride to Be (part six)

    Bride to Be (part six)   Now ask me, did I love him Did I set my mind at schemes, did I discover for the trying, how To the watchtower hill the daughter of a king Might walk as the risen sun, repulsing sight My maid and page in train at my command […]

The Bull’s-Eye (poem)

    The Bull’s-Eye   They want only the small farmers and the clock punchers The men who know good fit and sound advice And the price of the American suit They want a morning of mail exchange and an afternoon of lunches The organization man who aims to be a profit to his friends […]

Is the raven a raven (poem)

      Is the raven a raven   Ravense in banishment a portion decreed in traveling provender gold from an inheritance drawn for horses, wagons, hired arms and all supplicants to the shrine lepers under command of the charismatic Ravense spurned favorite of the chief cloraven Now scourge left answering to a wandering hermit’s […]

The Impresario (part thirteen)

    The Impresario Part Thirteen   Pierre, rocking back, raises his flask with a solemn, studied lack of impudence (although the features of his face tend against him) The baron, he notes, has an arrogant flare of nostril and curl of upper lip, yet he does not fully sneer in spurning this. Saying merely, […]

Bride to Be (part five)

    Bride to Be (part five)   Alderic. Do I not know the name? Is he that man Tills yon spit of land, so thin and barren Trades in horses… Have a care, young daughter. Vestal to a carven goddess These our conquerors will have you cloistered There your nose may humbly point, as […]

Abdication (poem)

    Abdication   Your eyes stung and crusted You lie unmoving A sibyl garnering predictions vaporing from sewer grates With her liberality of diction She baits you Bile of the nation   Abdication Like a starfish ambulating Your stomach leaves the nest to feed A seesawing cindered feather floats Liver and spine-meat from a […]