The Folly: Each Nerve

      The Folly Wake         Each Nerve   She sails, within a fortnight, the Bowfin Wake, relieved, or like a living man Entombed, soon, shall heft aside the grinding lid And breathe He cannot whisper his secret heart to Howitt As a maiden sister might…though his friend invites it Howitt’s […]

The Folly: Henry Calmacott (part two)

      The Folly Calmacott’s Brother         Henry Calmacott (part two)   She is a young woman still. Thirty or thereabouts, I’d guess And when I’d walked out with Bess, once Or twice Met her down the Ram’s Took her to the picture show Right enough in the head, those days. […]

The Folly: Romans (first Tattersby)

      The Folly Tattersby         Romans   We thought they were not men They, beardless, most, but for their slaves Vaunted trophies keeping costumed show That in all weathers tell their vanquished homes Came by war-engine attended Came regaliaed steed, foreguard of chariot Wheeled cage of sacrificial beast Gentled by […]

Explication (poem)

      Explication   Morbid feet on a ruminant’s road They are speaking likenesses of nervous rounding More than an anthropologist’s brush off An antelope’s roaming is found to be enough By epoch’s end we have all gone soft And taken to occupy our cushions gravely fanning a white layer of flesh Wise to […]

Four-leaf clover (poem)

      Four-leaf clover   When she’s dead they’ll clothe her False to claim they’d known her In a room of duty saving hours of light Mothballs give a church scent Skirt-clad hips span bench lengths She slips indoors alive   Why is it not yet over? Holdouts dare suppose her Likelier than they […]

Snares: Fifth Allied Forces

      The Folly Allied Forces         Snares   The woodland affords the falcon— Where hedgish undergrowth shoots in voluntary tangle augmented year by year from half-digestions spat or shat by avian lodgers, nesting a thicket permitted by the landowner (Said to be the blighted Rory Tebbs) to wax untrimmed Has […]

Sum of (poem)

      Sum of   Long patience, the sort a society of resurrectionists Calls its like-to-like decode of Low resonance A Plan, cryptographical embed, that which Sifts the dead-weight from the Superman A blat from the alpenhorn In figure Reverbs of duty-bound orders, secret Errants who have stood Before the longbow, and sacrificed the […]

To Terms (poem)

      To Terms   If it was forgiveness come for Or, if a jar of minutes had been stationed where a centerpiece might go And every staged remark of the conversation got its candy heart with a slogan bitcher, loser, lame-o, snob, martyr, gloater nuisance to others, at sum, unloved tossed in then […]

For a Non-Emergency (poem)

      For a Non-Emergency   When we’ve settled in our rooms For a non-emergency The observation of the dumb under euthanasia He believes he can imprint a picture of this earth Oblivious to others he rehearsed Mechanical men have put his thoughts aside for fixing A distant monitor listens The pulse gives a […]

Mercy (poem)

      Mercy   You might be the bitter pith Your green unripe skin rasped away Your head shaped like a human skull Bone-colored, soft as a sponge and impressible Eating awkward lunches An object at the table A centerpiece blocking the view All eyes track and scatter delineating the dot dot dot of […]