Palma: Second Tourmaline (conclusion)

Tourmaline Palma (conclusion)                   And these pains, depressions, madnesses, that waved across the city, were the reason her people, quarantined within a color-wheel of central sectors, had not by force been disarmed. The pills given at the health clinic would finish David, not his back and his […]

My Blog Week: June 9 to June 15

All the Latest from Torsade!                           A Word on the Week   Energy is Strategy       This is the topic heading I put down in my notes, with the idea I might sort of fudge it in, because I’ve been doing […]

Palma: Second Tourmaline (part one)

Tourmaline Palma (part one)                         I am not going to tell you that you ought to have made certain of it. That won’t do you any good. She wrote in resolute black, and drew arrows; her comments in the margin, full sentences and apropos. […]

Oh, You Did That? (poem)

    Oh, You Did That? (Denigrate All Achievements)   Feathering yourself as a useful magpie Quick and quicker your knack to apply that eye Does a trained birdbrain need a pat on the head Flies know a trick too Everything carrion to them banquet once to you And it is the spoilment we speak […]

La Catastrophe de la Martinique: sixty

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (sixty)                       1:27. Sea withdraws 25 to 30 meters before returning to shore passing the normal level by several meters; numerous formations of fumaroles and crevices in the valley of the Rivière-Blanche from the mouth to the volcanic […]

Celebrated (part sixteen)

Novella Celebrated (part sixteen)                     “Listen. I’ve taught this myself, I believe in it, there’s nothing wrong with it. By which I mean, in context, it’s the truth. I always tell students, I will never push you to do my work. I want you to do […]

Sequence: Drawn Upon Imagination (part three)

Sequence of Events Chapter Twelve Drawn Upon Imagination (part three)             “Now, Bruner, of course, has a character. Character is only a generality. But the right person, placed in the right circumstances, won’t need telling what to do. He will do it. That is…there are things Bruner was taught to […]

Killing Frost (poem)

    Killing Frost   Morning on the inside is only glass and curtains A saint might have heard voices He fingers the fly in the ointment and fills a pot With liver-colored beans no stench Like the burning of chili powder and this punishing cheap food And wariness too fine to read He lies […]

My Blog Week: June 2 to June 8

All the Latest from Torsade!                         A Word on the Week   Das Kapital       Reports from this week’s beginning, had Gov. John Hickenlooper being booed at California’s State Democratic Convention, for saying “socialism is not the answer”. Well, no. Wholesale conversion […]

Distract Us (poem)

    Distract Us   She hadn’t got the chance to finish her story, the corner fire let, if gas might do no worse than burn blue, be. Let night fall then, somewhat like in hue, dusk’s velvet box creak its hinge, evening solitaire and satellite its chippy twin, or evil, attic-rummage legacies enough smelling […]