The Spectre Knows: Sixth Pale Knight

    The Folly The Legend of the Pale Knight     The Spectre Knows   ‘Then further,’ says the guest, ‘we are not talking about intuition. If a railwayman observe that passengers are in the habit of jumping from the cars before the train comes to a halt, he may say, “There you have […]

Whalesong (poem)

    Whalesong   Barely attending Cicadas rising percussively sieving through The open window’s screen How redeemed by gentle warmth the Room is once again in summer Resolving from a fog that Now and then allows a gift Fixed in memory to scratch at the spidering trail Where the smell of blades furrows in   […]

La Catastrophe de la Martinique: fifty-two

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (fifty-two)                 I have had the pleasure of seeing him several times. And I have reckoned the crushing labor that was his to accomplish, since as we say in the navy [Hess was a Navy medic], first things first.* It is […]

Fog Bound (poem)

    Fog Bound   The short life of an early riser A trawler…sort of that Resigned to his smokes and mists His captive’s steps delay the epitaph And every, of his days, has him by the throat From a pipe he puffs as one would etch In the present tongue A messenger’s dry-leafed plea […]

Sequence: Give a Dog a Bad Name (part three)

Sequence of Events Chapter Eleven Give a Dog A Bad Name and Hang Him (part five)           The screen door was unlatched. A red-haired girl, seated on the wicker, got to her feet. “Is it a bad time, Nora?” “No, Florrie. I’m putting the kettle on.” The keys came out again. […]

Who Owns This House: Second Battle Stations

    The Folly Battle Stations     Who Owns This House   This room, its walls are painted yellow They call it that, the Yellow Room The corner cabinet…no plane of it Quite fits, the hinges pull My dear, you smile, but I feel the cabinet matters And he will not have sold it […]

My Blog Week: April 7 to April 13

All the Latest from Torsade!                         A Word on the Week   We’ve had lots of speculation about the American president’s rambling, choppy habits of speech. Commentators often counter that armchair diagnoses aren’t fair. True. We’ll expect, nonetheless, a heckload of speculation on the […]

The Zone of Prophecy: Fifth Pale Knight

    The Folly The Legend of the Pale Knight      The Zone of Prophecy   The sexton of St. Crispin’s, the late Mr. Michelwhyte I doubt you’d know of him…which is rather the point, the familiar one being far nearer Bath than Taunton, liked telling (though half of the time undoubtedly pulling my […]

More Peaceful Pursuits: Hammersmith (thirty-seven)

Hammersmith Thirty-Seven  More Peaceful Pursuits           This Mr. Curach, whom Ruby well accepted, being Aimee’s friend, as a perfectly suitable escort, was also…so she found him…a fine and forward-coming fellow. He might be not so much older than herself. Not so very much. He was jaunty of step, and no taller…they […]

La Catastrophe de la Martinique: fifty-one

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (fifty-one)                             XXXIII  At the Transatlantic   An observation of M. Vié.     M. Vié is the very amiable and very obliging general agent of the Compagnie Transatlantique at Fort-de-France. In the course of […]