Hammersmith: A Few Laws Broken (chapter thirty-one)

Hammersmith Chapter Thirty-One A Few Laws Broken           Mossbunker’s wall rose a few feet higher than Ralph’s eight-foot ladder. Perched on this, Curach whispered, “Hand me up that feather bolster.” Chilly’s answer to a mechanical problem, was to roll the bolster tight around a fat stick. He hoisted this to Curach; […]

Marjorie Bowen: The Sword Decides! (part forty-one)

Marjorie Bowen The Sword Decides! (part forty-one)                   “A killing…the woman of whom we speak must appreciate…cannot be refined to perfection. The place may be chosen, the hour—” He thought, Giovanna supposed, of how he had not chosen either. “And the men?” “The foresters were necessary. They […]

Drownings (part five)

      Drownings (part five)   For good or ill, at this moment her phone rang. She put it on speaker. “Julia.” “Julia?” the man asked anyway. “Is this Mr. Herberston?” “Are you some sort of reporter?” Her eyes said to McAlley, he’s been checking. “Mr. Herbertson, I’m enquiring after the job. The one […]

My Blog Week: October 10 to October 16

All the Latest from Torsade!                               On Monday, a new Totem-Maker, the character venturing into the fortress-city. Tuesday, a poem, “Beware of Fours”; Wednesday, The Sword Decides!, Maria experiencing the unreal, in learning the fate of Andreas. Thursday, the short story […]

Hammersmith: Trenches Manned (chapter thirty)

Hammersmith Chapter Thirty Trenches Manned           Mossbunker having secured his contract to supply cabling to the American Expeditionary Force, in theory the works might be targeted by spies. To the outside eye, he had not altered arrangements. Aimee, with Curach, lay flat against the slope of a ditch, at the factory’s […]

The Big Pants (conclusion)

Short Stories The Big Pants  (part seven)         He reconsidered. Maybe, in some ways, Perry wasn’t. He had his own place. He worked in customer service, sitting home taking help desk calls for three or four companies. I gotta ask Perry, Tom counselled himself, how much he’s making. He saw Luisa was […]

Drownings (part four)

      Drownings (part four)   Three stacked windows bloomed onscreen. “I confess, I’m not in Herbertson’s department. I’ve got Carmadge down…” McAlley patted pockets. “Dustin is one of my own lads, so the name comes to mind. Here.” He laid the ID under her eyes. “Young,” she said. “I think it isn’t possible. […]

Marjorie Bowen: The Sword Decides! (part forty)

Marjorie Bowen The Sword Decides! (part forty)                   “You have seen the body. Your eyes are witness, Lord. Shall such witness be gainsaid? But allow…though I insult you to suggest it… For how a man might bring himself to suspect these good women…! No, ignore me. But […]

Beware of Fours (poem)

      Beware of Fours   Magic threes no more, beware of fours A fear inducer without weight, absenting light, a shadow A sense of shadow One morning the character walks in the rain The after-rain, the water in yellowing Beds of flowers beaded And closing skies of short fall days And knows the […]

The Totem-Maker: The Citadel (part nine)

The Totem-Maker Chapter Ten The Citadel (part nine)           “Adzja, you may labor at your studies today. I am going down to the city.” I looked at her, saying this, because I suspected her of being my watcher as well as my servant. But she finished cornering a cloth on my […]