Wrong Again (poem)

      Wrong Again   This was better, more sensitive. But so much silence in his conversation-mate Must be a warning. “I’ve learned not to apologize.” He thought, Why me? A line of inquiry that promised to go badly. “You’ve learned not to apologize,” she said. The topic seemed to want a change of […]

Tired of Yourself (poem)

      Tired of Yourself   I think you get tired of yourself If you don’t, start The tea leaves haven’t got a plan to let you know You know it’s nothing to a tea leaf Patterning itself in broken flecks of hope Likelier having a cosmic joke Nothing to the flight of birds […]

The Mirrors (part twenty-six)

      The Mirrors (part twenty-six)   Where was a friend, to make this understood to? “What? Polly…no time…” A man loomed, put his hands on Polly’s shoulders. His face was blue, heavy-jowled. Polly surrendered to him, letting him draw her into invisibility, sending Charmante an odd face of triumph… Polly foresaw her warning […]

My Blog Week: November 20 to November 26

All the Latest from Torsade!                                       On Monday, The Mirrors, and an encounter with a powerful array. Wednesday, Catastrophe, with further examples of racial strife. Friday, a poem reissue, “War-Making” from Haunt of Thieves. Saturday, the conclusion […]

Fellyans (conclusion)

      Fellyans (part eight)   “Who is having lunch, by now?” Jorinda said. “Is it only us?” “The elf said he wouldn’t.” “And Coral? If Alma were here, I’d be curious to know,” she raised her voice, “why the kitchen is empty, and the stew seems vanished, and my good copper kettle…” With […]

Haunt of Thieves: War-Making (poem)

      War-Making   The blue soldier’s tunic Dangles a last brass button as though the gamble Of trade advances nothing where an unhoused man can look able to shift a pallet of brick, he commands the only currency And pallid sick, blue in the face with sunken chest Breeds invitation to a potshot […]

Catastrophe (part thirty-eight)

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (part thirty-eight)                                 XXIV Interview with M. Peyrouton  The Treasury. The Bank.       Our former colleague, Peyrouton, who was director of l’Estafette, is treasurer of Saint-Pierre. Returning from leave, on the […]

The Mirrors (part twenty-five)

      The Mirrors (part twenty-five)   “Sometimes I think it was Polly warning me,” Carolee said. “It began when I was fifteen or so, when God started…I ought to say Godfrey…started frightening me. We always made allowances for God because he was the one who’d found her. He had waded down into the […]

My Blog Week: November 13 to November 19

All the Latest from Torsade!                                       On Monday, The Mirrors, a gathering in the house on Saint-Hubert, and a mystery upstairs. Wednesday, Catastrophe, and racism in Martinique dividing the population. Friday, a new poem, “Francesca”, a story-within-a-story. […]

Francesca (poem)

    Francesca   he came, with tablet and stylus, sketching her he took a seat… too near, at the fountain’s base and said, “do you care?” she drew her memobook and started a romance “don’t bend,” he said “your hair is covering your face” She wrote, Francesca met him on a Thursday Her giant […]