Adverse Possession (poem)

    Adverse Possession   Dear cerebral cortex Hors de combat. When we received the news We were shocked and saddened There is not much in the literature One or two articles after long search Found describing therapies Not met with any great success If it won’t offend, or make you feel superstitious (For that’s […]

The Totem-Maker: Winter Alone (part twelve)

The Totem-Maker Chapter Five Winter Alone (part twelve)             If I peered from under my ceiling, I saw only the swell, its rushing lacework of white foam. And sometimes failed to see forewarning, of the slap of saltwater in my eyes. Also a dizziness would upset my stomach, and only […]

La Catastrophe de la Martinique: seventy-four

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (seventy-four)                   The rest of the night passed in great anxiety. We saw flames coursing over the hills, illumination enough to see the flight of numerous persons, while others were passing on the main road, announcing they would go to […]

Her Bid for Freedom (poem)

    Her Bid for Freedom   She could never bear to be herself Dressed in a red coat, dandyish, a cynosure “People stare.” These words were for the angel at her side Known by puckering air, a fragmented hair’s width Or a garment hem One enveloping unseen form Moves through leaves and makes The […]

The Impresario (part seven)

    The Impresario Part Seven   He lifts the doll-woman onto the wagon’s bed At once her small feet prance a pirouette The hunchback has been beaten in the town He must ask his good servant to mark a likeness down One whose fortune Pierre the Seer will uncloak She stands clear for the […]

Remains of Your Legacy (poem)

    Remains of Your Legacy   Your problem is a simple one A constant inside fret, the kind that’s played upon But a good person is…chin up, Winsome, you Maybe a compliant person In event of blackballing, a quiet person Name calling, but never accomplice exposing Can you divide a pie in quarters Eat […]

My Blog Week: September 8 to September 14

All the Latest from Torsade!                             A Word on the Week   Bewitched and Bothered         Something reprehensible this way came, during this week’s Democratic candidate debate (but they say only on the Sinclair arm of the ABC network). […]

Purpose No Secret (poem)

    Purpose No Secret   One side having conceded to the other Purpose no secret Unilateral repudiation Circumstance of high emotion   They would not presume Being what they are They know what words are expected   Pressure system measured Extensively Through years of hating Openly   Blatant breach of rules Others take Otherwise […]

Celebrated (part twenty)

Celebrated (part twenty)                     She’d dispatched Hector to coastal New Jersey, a tent auction he spots advertised. Emboldened, in that way being someone other than yourself allows, Hector works the room. And with a vague idea he’s heard of Harold Carter, one of the dealers hires […]

La Catastrophe de la Martinique: seventy-three

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (seventy-three)             Among the establishments worth calling attention to, we cite again the Government House, the Town Hall, the Bank, the Bishop’s Palace, certain rum factories, the Perinelle sugar refinery, the Bethlehem Asylum, the Customs Warehouse, the Navy Barracks, and the Colonial Hospital […]