Yoharie: Plumbing (part two)

Yoharie Plumbing (part two)             So, the IMAX jaunt…in a world of scant rewards, Hibbler could pat himself on the back for having figured it…had let him refine the list. He cased from his car, got hot, walked Beatty to a tree island and let him shit, saw (opportunely, when […]

My Blog Week: April 11 to April 17

All the Latest from Torsade!                         Apologies, readers. I did well this week schedule-cramming, but things still popped out at the edges, and I didn’t end up with time to write my WOW piece. I did get some poetry done and new entries for […]

Sum of (poem)

      Sum of   Long patience, the sort a society of resurrectionists Calls its like-to-like decode of Low resonance A Plan, cryptographical embed, that which Sifts the dead-weight from the Superman A blat from the alpenhorn In figure Reverbs of duty-bound orders, secret Errants who have stood Before the longbow, and sacrificed the […]

Hammersmith: All Safe Bets Off (chapter thirteen)

Hammersmith Chapter Thirteen All Safe Bets Off               “Doesn’t seem so long ago.” Mack, unable to do anything about Aimee’s arm hooked through Hogben’s, though it pleased him to see Hogben once or twice give a mild tug, ill-at-ease…had got next to Shaw behind them (he ignored Shaw), and […]

Mathilde Alanic: Shine! (part thirty-nine)

Mathilde Alanic Shine! (part thirty-nine)                         This mental stagnation came in company with a strange fearfulness, a disquiet. “If I were superstitious, I would believe I was having a presentiment. What bad luck is lurking in the shadows? Or can it be good?” As […]

To Terms (poem)

      To Terms   If it was forgiveness come for Or, if a jar of minutes had been stationed where a centerpiece might go And every staged remark of the conversation got its candy heart with a slogan bitcher, loser, lame-o, snob, martyr, gloater nuisance to others, at sum, unloved tossed in then […]

For a Non-Emergency (poem)

      For a Non-Emergency   When we’ve settled in our rooms For a non-emergency The observation of the dumb under euthanasia He believes he can imprint a picture of this earth Oblivious to others he rehearsed Mechanical men have put his thoughts aside for fixing A distant monitor listens The pulse gives a […]

Mercy (poem)

      Mercy   You might be the bitter pith Your green unripe skin rasped away Your head shaped like a human skull Bone-colored, soft as a sponge and impressible Eating awkward lunches An object at the table A centerpiece blocking the view All eyes track and scatter delineating the dot dot dot of […]

My Blog Week: April 4 to April 10

All the Latest from Torsade!                             A Word on the Week   Comfort and Convenience           When we think about Amazon, we should think about retailing itself, what Amazon does and what it doesn’t do. Since the 21st […]

Eight: Honesty (poem)

      Honesty   Honesty become a tool of abuse Your hands pumping frankness up your neck-strings, mottling your frozen features with lifelike mantling, roseating from your mammoth pores Soon As, from your salesman’s case you pull nothing Saleable to the present state But bandy, as a bandwidth manipulator Your loutish telling of your […]