The Mirrors (part twelve)

      The Mirrors (part twelve)             vi.     These were bungalows…nice, of a middle-class type, a block of them. Brick, front parlors shortening the porch, a slope of banked front lawn—a flood measure telling the tract had been built on this century. It was the fashion in […]

My Blog Week: July 31 to August 6

All the Latest from Torsade!                                 On Monday, “Poppets”, a reissue from Rattus. Wednesday, The Mirrors, with a visit from Dumain, and Carmine’s story. Thursday, Catastrophe, and Hess’s summary of the volcano’s fabricators. Saturday, a reissue from The Poor Belabored […]

Music to the Silent Spirit (poem)

      Music to the Silent Spirit   Each time a scale was shed The poor belabored beast reshod And every time the winch was turned A sleeve-end drawn and bunched The chain’s links locked A shocking tragedy   Unwanted weight dislodged with a careless tread Slumps from the precipice and polishes the surface […]

Catastrophe (part twenty-nine)

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (part twenty-nine)                       It is important to say, because it would be odious to allow propagation of this absurd legend, of survivors imploring for help, and receiving none. Dedicated people—doctors, soldiers, police, the simple citizens—climbed through the ruins […]

The Mirrors (part eleven)

      The Mirrors (part eleven)             v.     “I haven’t thanked you for yesterday’s lunch.” “Well, that’s fine. You never ought to.” The remonstrance felt abrupt…she hoped not out of place. But Charmante was sure Carmine’s had been an ordinary upbringing. “I understand, yes, you were hired […]

My Blog Week: July 24 to July 30

All the Latest from Torsade!                                   A Word on the Week     Agitprop (part one)           Western culture, from the end of WWII, and prolifically in the 1960s and 70s, embraced pop psychology. Ideas […]

Poppets (poem)

      Poppets   This beanbag poppet with a muslin skin Made to dance on its stubs Given vocals pitched high Pinched out of a pocket to tell of How it lounges most hours in a hammock Wasting time There’s a second poppet Made of calico and yellow floss Jesus did not teach with […]

Now to Steal (poem)

      Now to Steal    His legatees can’t feel In the moment they are disowned Can’t themselves waste-binned A thread of white tape unwound from the screws A stain sinking iron back to intimacy For a heaven’s afternoon in unfilled pockets Of its first home   There has only been A daughter’s daughter […]

The Resident (part eight)

      Chapter One Dark Paneling (continued)     Her evocation led a voice to pipe, “We need more bog!” “The main water feature is going to be a macrocosm of…” came an answer, the talk fading into low-voiced, “tiers…” and “natural movement…”; and another speaker’s: “Please, let’s not have boulder salad!” “When Gemma […]

Away Like Dust (poem)

      Away Like Dust   Several announcements that the hour was at hand were backburnered, the dare administered had been not to face down a seasonal inflatable but to let the season pass with a period as advertisements give ample warning to contemplate on a sofa safety or safely…doing something… It seems unnecessary […]