The Impresario (part two)

    The Impresario Part Two   In his dreaming calculations lying wakeful He recalls himself, in this bed built for a dying wife Never so alive with fear for his charges He had always paid the roustabouts To guard the wagon, warned Tortu Whose wise and solemn eyes obey To take a crown and buy […]

The Story of the German Ambassador

        Adventures in Research The Story of the German Ambassador   Leopold von Hoesch was a career diplomat whose most notable posts were at Paris, from 1924-1932, and London, from 1932-1936. For a time he was, in his dealings with the two Allied powers, the key representative for interwar Germany. But he […]

My Blog Week: August 11 to August 17

All the Latest from Torsade!                         A Word on the Week   Reliable You           Here’s a radical idea. I’ve talked about it in an earlier essay, the concept of Reliability, the importance of regarding this in light of a […]

Celebrated (part nineteen)

Celebrated (part nineteen)                     This third day of Tom’s visit, they sat on the studio futon, a cat between them, Gingerpie; a stack of typewritten sheets, and the manuscript’s tattered manila envelope, under the cat. It was her own topic, The Lost Man, and it mattered— […]

Resolved (poem)

    Resolved How to have human conversation. Begin with a medium of exchange. When we last spoke on the phone; when I received your email. Introduce a subject of exchange. You had mentioned a plan to. You had been having difficulty with. You had informed me that. B, the one inquired of, says yes, […]

La Catastrophe de la Martinique: sixty-nine

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (sixty-nine)                               XLI   The Catastrophe and the Seers     It was to be expected. The catastrophe must have been predicted by the seers, and above all, by one seer. The creoles have […]

The Totem-Maker: Winter Alone (part ten)

The Totem-Maker Chapter Five Winter Alone (part ten)              “Yes, call me that. Depwoto.” I patted the couch. He sat next me with a simplicity that made me think better of his kind. Whom had I met in this place unbeset by that crippling haughtiness that troubled the general and […]

The Impresario (part one)

    The Impresario Part One   The care he had taken of her in his first fascination was a rebuke to him in later years He feared love, to feel it, a twining tendril’s prod Her trusting kindnesses make his heart go soft His mind tainted, a sympathy unnatural for property; a monstrosity can […]

Dispel (poem)

    Dispel   Dispel the center from the story Bookticipating that the character Ravense after lunch finishes and excuses for sparse attendance scatter and reconvene retelling (then why not skip to the end?) This One, who in arrogance started badly This One, who at length seemed finally learning Ravense, Ravense, the harpers line the […]

My Blog Week: August 4 to August 10

All the Latest from Torsade!                       A Word on the Week   The Anomaly Factor       On my list of full-length essays to-be-written, I’ve had for some time a piece on near enemies. The term is one Buddhists use, teacher Jack Kornfield known […]