An Ordinary Signal Drop: Second Pale Knight

    The Folly The Legend of the Pale Knight     An Ordinary Signal Drop   It impressed me, acquainted me, the unspeakable more normality than horror at a glance shivering loose, like flakes of plated gilding painted over with a garden scene Shoes, parasol, a hand suspended holding still its cup of tea […]

My Blog Week: March 17 to March 23

All the Latest from Torsade!                           On Sunday, the Pale Knight arc of The Folly began its reissue, with “Virginia Keltenham”, an author currently renting the Folly while the others have cleared out. The guest soon finds himself summoned back. Monday, another poem, […]

The Totem-Maker: Winter Alone (part three)

The Totem-Maker Chapter Five Winter Alone (part three)             The mustering grounds, within the ramparts of the fort, met my eyes dressed in the panoply of a fair day. I had never thought to see the inside of a garrison’s stronghold. And could not imagine the fort in its sobriety… […]

From Superstition the Pendulum (poem)

    From Superstition the Pendulum   Your face carried home from the scene of horror Let nature raise you a colossus that prows Prows astraddle the edge of all landfalls Clocks will crack and mirrors stop Unluckiness the hostelman calls to roost The iron ring for a knocker hangs Sounds wood and metalcraft, chock […]

La Catastrophe de la Martinique: forty-eight

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (forty-eight)                 M. Le Bris, commander of the Suchet, coordinated all the observations taken on board the warships that found themselves in waters belonging to Martinique, and brought them together in a report addressed to the Naval Minister, by the same […]

The Lab-Grown Brain Makes Philosophy (poem)

    The Lab-Grown Brain Makes Philosophy   It is material to our essential understanding of power, if in defining good and evil we first grant that neither without what we will term actionability, is able to escape the formlessness of thought, taking thought as both a prompt to the accessing of images stored in […]

Sequence of Events: Moving On (part four)

Sequence of Events Chapter Ten Moving On (part four)           “Thus,” he went on, “we need not abandon our mission due to a mere contingency, one that any careful plan would have anticipated. No…I still consider my thinking to have been sound. It was the weather…” He’d paced back to the […]

The Hillside (poem)

    The Hillside   Reprieve conserves tomorrow’s backwards step Names you neither queen, nor good nor evil Reprieve as a dogging mirror cold on counsel Reminding you there’ll be no answer No pattern but the sky Giggles your new-poured coffee Or the rain, just as the drops cease falling And the tipster turns his […]

Virginia Keltenham: First Pale Knight

    The Folly The Legend of the Pale Knight     Virginia Keltenham   ‘Those deadly people. They’d like me a bit Elinor Glyn-ish But then they want sentiment. But then, of course, they don’t. They want some dismal comeuppance for bad behaviour, a heroine like one of Lawrence’s stultifying Magdalene figures. I suppose […]

My Blog Week: March 10 to March 16

All the Latest from Torsade!                           On Sunday another reissue of The Folly, “Utter Blame”, the temporary dénouement of Simon Tattersby’s quest to be forgiven. Monday, a new Yoharie, in which the weekly reading of The Totem-Maker gains, for Giarma, dimension. In Tuesday’s […]