If Only Others (poem)

    If Only Others   Outed from bark made mulch by thermal shock the beetle takes a chill that starts a frail cough a worm’s meandering charts the tops an infestation census-taker feels the math mid-century young adulthood’s unexpected death on meeting the proboscis of a predatory wasp synthesis in skin and bone above […]

The Totem-Maker: Use for Use (part two)

The Totem-Maker Chapter Six Use for Use (part two)             If in conscience one can think of harm, already the choice is made. There are few harms we do in innocence. But I tried the blade, the tip of it along the belly, the creature seeping blood and cooling all […]

Frédéric Boutet: The Garden of the Pirate (conclusion)

Frédéric Boutet The Garden of the Pirate (conclusion)                                 “But no, not at all. That is an error. All the city believed we would find enormous sums… Not in the least! Nothing! Barely four or five thousand francs… The two […]

Yoharie: Existence (part six)

Yoharie Existence (part six)               Dad had been the good parent. Good being seek-outable, or what people who had fun might call fun. When Savannah was of an age to play Barbies, her hero, wholly trusted. A joker sometimes, who didn’t care if Family Guy was too rude for […]

The Impresario (part nineteen)

    The Impresario Part Nineteen   She rubs her cheeks and neck, not for cold If the night feels chill, to her this trial seems welcome She wishes she might bear the world’s pain Enduring all, if by some alchemy He might bide in warmth and tender sleep She slips onto her knees, and […]

Dog of Sorrows (poem)

    Dog of Sorrows   Dog of sorrows Do you suppose they find you wanting Panting with your upturned nose Dripping spittle on the floor…your tongue you can’t in decency contain And cleanliness is most Affecting to the human brain (I speak, says Mr. Boots, as a keen observer) It strokes them like a […]

My Blog Week: December 1 to December 7

All the Latest from Torsade!                             A Word on the Week   Labyrinthine machinations          It’s been an action-packed week, filled with disseminations of dismal wisdom, from the pit of right-wing nugget mining.  And since we can’t tackle everything, […]

Celebrated (conclusion)

Novella Celebrated (conclusion)                     Having money for things was new. Petra had lived on grants, otherwise been hired on jobs term to term. Since buying this land eighteen years ago, she had lived by hodge-podge, not free to roam. But, by selling a few things, renting […]

Ask Yourself Expert (poem)

    Ask Yourself Expert   Ask anyone who knew you then were you the mildewed sponge retentive of cultured damp ask yourself expert on passing bucks pop-psych books you liked the idea of being in touch, liked touching on subjects au courant liked the bodies mangled for rockets in The Right Stuff liked swinging […]

Frédéric Boutet: The Garden of the Pirate (part two)

Frédéric Boutet The Garden of the Pirate (part two)                                 “Tonight…” grumbled M. Duvaudois, in ill humor. And he went indoors to sleep, after seeing the stranger out. The following evening, the vigil recommenced at the top of the pigeoncote. […]