Celebrated (part five)

Novella Celebrated (part five)                 Because she had given this talk. Who’d stolen what, never named; Dr. Motley disappointed, not angry. She wanted the plagiarist to know, simply, that—don’t you think?—this was too much energy to devote to failure, when so little more would lead to success. There […]

Celebrated (part four)

Novella Celebrated (part four)                     He grinned. They were sharing a joke, and Tom thought he’d won at last. He had got farther inside than some of his classmates. Go to the history library, she told him. Find books with pictures, get a feel for your […]

Celebrated (part three)

Novella Celebrated (part three)                 Her office door was open. In a building with steam heat and no air conditioning, most doors were. But Motley could be tried on this point, caught with notebook, jotting poetry; or, crease between eyes, grading papers… Tom’s mind, crossed by a thought—that […]

Celebrated (part two)

Novella Celebrated (part two)                     His eye had refined itself to news items, accounts of disgraces fallen by inadvertency into imposture. Tom Wilmot—a teacher, what else?—trading on the incidentals of fame where the trading was most fruitful (and having taught himself, preparing lectures, real craft), concluded […]

Celebrated (part one)

Novella Celebrated (part one)                           He is disappointed in the hope of regaining his lost health. Week after week, month after month, year after year, he waits for the termination of his sufferings. He tries to apply the remainder of his strength to […]

Celebrated (conclusion)

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Novella Celebrated (conclusion)                     Having money for things was new. Petra had lived on grants, otherwise been hired on jobs term to term. Since buying this land eighteen years ago, she had lived by hodge-podge, not free to roam. But, by selling a few things, renting […]

Celebrated (part twenty-one)

Celebrated (part twenty-one)                 She had an awareness of herself, arguing at Tom with all she’d never… All Ian had never given her the chance— All she had turned over in her mind through forty years of explaining to him, making him accept her point, in mentally staged […]

New Book! Are You Haunted

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Buy on Amazon! Paperback edition       Powell Kenzie has wandered, living the life of a vagabond, since his discharge from the army. The year is 1948. He finds himself in a small New England town, by watchman Lloyd Guy given temporary shelter in the remains of the Drybrook works. On the hill opposite […]

Celebrated (part twenty)

Celebrated (part twenty)                     She’d dispatched Hector to coastal New Jersey, a tent auction he spots advertised. Emboldened, in that way being someone other than yourself allows, Hector works the room. And with a vague idea he’s heard of Harold Carter, one of the dealers hires […]

Celebrated (part nineteen)

Celebrated (part nineteen)                     This third day of Tom’s visit, they sat on the studio futon, a cat between them, Gingerpie; a stack of typewritten sheets, and the manuscript’s tattered manila envelope, under the cat. It was her own topic, The Lost Man, and it mattered— […]