The Resident (part nine)

      Chapter Two An Anniversary Party     “I think I…what do they say? Being given a stick somehow. Why?” Desander sighed, and drove on. He had been trying to ignore this story. “But Aura’s wonderful friend… She came right up and pinched my silk between her fingers…” He flapped his puffed shirt […]

The Resident (part eight)

      Chapter One Dark Paneling (continued)     “I’m roundabout,” Aura was saying, “but the Crew College is where the staff trains, at Maple Hill. For Maple Hill, I guess… They have hospitality courses open to the public. Acervillas is a huge resort firm. Two point nine billion funding.” “Really?” “I don’t know […]

The Mirrors (part nine)

    The Mirrors (part nine)     But here was a sheet of stationery paper, folded. Typed on.   Charleton   I promise I made the story up. Please don’t accuse me of being better than that. I’m sorry I must have preyed on your mind far more than I could have known. Of […]

The Resident (part seven)

      Chapter One Dark Paneling (continued)   Not, he’d been about to say, make them remember you for all the wrong reasons…irritated that Wissary could be irritated with him. But Teconieshe spoke. “The young couple were going to buy it, three hundred above the rent, later John said he could manage five…six thousand […]

The Resident (part six)

      Chapter One Dark Paneling (continued)     “Go in and get you something to drink,” Stu called out. “Lunch any time now, Dad.” Deb’s over-the-shoulder glance caught her fiancé’s frozen sneer. She turned in full, with a warning deliberation, and shot Bridge the dagger of a look. One visitor was dressed in […]

The Resident (part five)

      Chapter One Dark Paneling (continued)     Batting at clematis that brushed his white polo, Bridge Krebbs passed under the arch to the Rose Room. He remarked (as always) that he couldn’t get over the stupidity of this. His companion, sixtyish, six-footish, blue eyes, in the way of itchy contact lenses, bleary, […]

The Resident (part four)

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      Chapter One Dark Paneling (continued)     With Debra, their new friend, they had separated from the influence of the polo tucker with the temper. His baptismal name was Bridge…she assured them…and she, daughter of an Oathbreach counsellor, was engaged to him. “Engaged, I’m so glad to hear it. At first I […]

The Resident (part three)

      Chapter One Dark Paneling (continued)     Days later, they had done much happy excavating. Their new house had closets ill-fitted to every room, and the cardboard boxes inside, the piled coats, the shoes and boots, the mated wire hangers, sculptural in their descent from bar to floor, the brooms, the headless […]

The Resident (part two)

      Chapter One Dark Paneling (continued)     He wore a fair isle vest, a short and tight one, over a Henley. His trousers were belted and corduroy, wales off at the knees, which to Desander detracted. Spanking new corduroy spoke (one might say); worn-in corduroy was only cloth. “But look…” whispered Wissary. […]

The Resident (part one)

      The Resident         Chapter One Dark Paneling     Terrible old place with dark wood paneling, sticky to the touch, white bloom on the sticky. Narrow, inadequate windows, electrical outlets in short supply, mishmash of ancient (not antique) furnishings, to be sold with. Large back lawn features laburnum, undercarpeted […]