Celebrated (part fourteen)

Novella Celebrated (part fourteen)                       “Great names.” “It’s an inside joke, just for me. Don’t tell the girls.” He put a finger to his lips…all kind of fun and flirty. Odd, though. And it was late. “Are you staying for dinner?” “I shouldn’t. But…thanks so […]

Celebrated (part thirteen)

Novella Celebrated (part thirteen)                   This mild flag in enthusiasm made her like him more, that he wasn’t a thoroughgoing fraud. “Well, it’s that government program. I can say no to adopting another animal. But these guys are small, they pretty well fend for themselves…you’re not obligated […]

Celebrated (part twelve)

Novella Celebrated (part twelve)                       Well, she was a bore, nattering in imagination. “Come look,” she told him.     “I’m not a trash artist.” She wanted to laugh, and the matter was somewhat bitter. His head bent to the hand, turning one of the […]

Celebrated (part eleven)

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Novella Celebrated (part eleven)                       “Your name is in the book.” He laughed, with apology. The book was in the bedside drawer of his motel room… And so, anyway, he’d taken a look. “Well, I don’t…” She started this…she might have said, nobody calls me, […]

Celebrated (part nine)

Novella Celebrated (part nine)                       Otherwise, Greenwalter was decently informative; he dropped jargon like IR and ingest, but offended in this no more than most computer guys. He had heard of Voluntary Motion. “I started reading it.” “Great.” Meaning either once and done, or yesterday […]

Celebrated (part eight)

Novella Celebrated (part eight)                       She stirred. He said, “Hold it!” And: “Here. I’ll trade places with you.” He plucked at the zipper of her open parka, squeezing past. Tom wore a jeans jacket, his hands fairly numb. He brought the Kodak’s viewfinder to his eyeball, […]

Celebrated (part seven)

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Novella Celebrated (part seven)                     Alone, his apathy as to whether things got done or not showed itself a burgeoning hazard…now there was no one to pick up, and no one cooked. “You’re feeling pretty down these days,” one of his friends had said. Like that, […]

Celebrated (part six)

Celebrated (part six)

Novella Celebrated (part six)               Then, lopsided mischief in her smile: “In your case, though, I think if it makes you squirm, you’re on the right track. If it’s sad enough, you’ll probably feel pretty embarrassed writing it.” Understated, the parting had been. Melancholy…stronger for the unsaid words, as […]

Celebrated (part five)

Celebrated (part five)

Novella Celebrated (part five)                 Because she had given this talk. Who’d stolen what, never named; Dr. Motley disappointed, not angry. She wanted the plagiarist to know, simply, that—don’t you think?—this was too much energy to devote to failure, when so little more would lead to success. There […]

Celebrated (part four)

Novella Celebrated (part four)                     He grinned. They were sharing a joke, and Tom thought he’d won at last. He had got farther inside than some of his classmates. Go to the history library, she told him. Find books with pictures, get a feel for your […]