Eight: Question (poetry series)

    question   Natural feeling Natural detachment and attachment in— Balance, Right Balance, and the difficulty in the word itself A sub-question. Do we want it to mean a mean, a quality, a norm, a commonality How much and what sort our chief concern? Which is to run ahead of the point And if […]

it hates (poem)

    it hates   it curls into a fetal crouch reminds itself of cruel conspirators doesn’t remind from the couch, it watches a song once loved now sells young customers sailcloth uppers organic scuffs, the rubber sustainably harvested, no less… Harvested! Makes it think of the old tractor brand… All snuffled up by corporate […]

Bride to Be (part eleven)

    Bride to Be (part eleven)   “She was in my father’s camp, what would hers do? Dishonor…would he assume it so? The cruelest of his knights, bloodiest of his kin…” Aldebert halts in attentive pose In sudden suspicion Wildulfa sees her gift of prophecy under trial “But there was no slaughter, rather, trickery…” […]

Amulet (poem)

    Amulet   First carry a sofa onto the stage Foreshortening allows the table feet away The table is useful, its magazines and small props Prompting lines of dialogue The actress has complained about the velvet That carries light beautifully but catches at her tights She and he perch in three-quarter pose More athletic […]

Ash (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 23 Sep 2020 in Art, Poems

    Ash   You were bound to burn out your time that short fuse not adequate to the role of guiding light, beacon on a hill Steady star by lost at sea to navigate More the fuming little stick of dynamite laid like landmines, planned things ran afoul of the implacable hour You had, […]

Fog Bound (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 16 Sep 2020 in Art, Poems

    Fog Bound   The short life of an early riser A trawler…sort of that Resigned to his smokes and mists His captive’s steps delay the epitaph And every, of his days, has him by the throat From a pipe he puffs as one would etch In the present tongue A messenger’s dry-leafed plea […]

Fall Sick (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 9 Sep 2020 in Art, Poems

    Fall Sick   Unlikely partners, the woman who owns the teacup shop and her neighbor Moses Harry the cronut baker Night and day, for contrast, these inquisitive elders At the seat of government, on someone’s behalf (a background billionaire?) corruption runs rife So it seems, for the murder rate, in an unvisited burg […]

Storms and Fires: First Allied Forces

Posted by ractrose on 2 Sep 2020 in Art, Poems

    The Folly Allied Forces         Storms and Fires   The hearth, riddled so, complains The host has taken on a task he might have seen was never to be ledgered done Business as usual, for a time…? I don’t know, he answers the airless remark of the guest, That I […]

Flame (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 26 Aug 2020 in Art, Poems

    Flame   You’re old You’re a tactic with a history purloined memory you tried and applied On the word of a bombast, his nazi*ish ploy it makes the town flame wonder what propagation popped the hinges, and whether here, in this place, a type too coincident gathered, for reasons the investigation hasn’t chaffed […]

Switch (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 19 Aug 2020 in Art, Poems

    Switch   your living was got by pleasing cats unthreading shoestrings of thin cord and leather letting stains that mark deliberations dashed in on places of established quality boundaries where the departed show no signs of rising, stains be left in service to an outreaching new dynamic where the human way, so faulty […]