The Blurbs (poem)

    The Blurbs   A flight from personal tragedy brings Trey Michaelson to Wetheringdale Farm, with its eccentric collection of healers and seekers. Here she meets journalist Royce Beardsley, a Wethering descendent, who keeps a two-hundred-year-old secret. An afternoon on the bridle path leads to a sealed well-head, and a grim discovery.   Kinley […]

Eight: The Dispensing (poetry series)

    The Dispensing   Is the person, as such, pleasing   In ways, does the person please, and in ways offend If the good were scissored free from, we will say, four inferior samplings Sleeve, bodice, skirt, stitched, with a neat, tooth-to-tooth intermeshing Of their pinked edging We should be left to ask, part […]

Lonely in Its Reckoning: Seventh German Spy

    The Folly The German Spy     Lonely in Its Reckoning   Agnes justified on the day of her promotion The old women to her sister’s marriage filing The church gained down pitched channels Mostly arid, stepped by feast and famine Fiery sky…and flood Fiery sky And flood again    neighbours dressed in veils […]

lie of a lucky meeting (poem)

    lie of a lucky meeting   when the banqueters were invited to the theatre the room reminiscent in décor wallboard smoked-white studded each six feet with phone jacks cardboard curtains stiff-flocked as a Christmas box of Scotch, Season’s Greetings, a shade called ruby blush threading carpet humped in heavy traffic spots commercial rugging […]

Eight: Doctrine (poetry series)

    Doctrine   They said there was a sage and revered man Who for his vows spoke never, but did chant The psalms, his mien aloft of earthly cares And soul among the blessed…this was known A bird of fields, he, counted it a break with God A deeper thing than ordinary sin To […]

Eight: Loaded Language (poetry series)

    Loaded Language   The housing of Dillard’s vital organs A compress wrapped to resist untightening Larded arteries under dress clothes Slick heels on his buckled shoes Cocked in a goatskin executive chair His limbs clench at the camera’s disclosure Despite he kicks in feeling rancor He shoots from the situation room table Remounts […]

Only One: Sixth German Spy

    The Folly The German Spy     Only One   The genius Falco has put his eye on a newish house of brick Newish house with newish tile-capped wall, fatly hipped Just under this, on the garden side, roses, that predictable Middle-class person’s garish choice A treacly morbid pink Insistently like the vomitus […]

Eight: Sacred Science (poetry series)

    Sacred Science   The Light is the Light It is thus, New Ones, cherished Flowers of the Sun The This The Instrument of Inner Tunefulness Our Helmsman, He our Earth-Names denote Father-Sage He Whom the Light Awakened Is the Helmsman Whom the Light Awakened As the Ultra of the Nebula Pulsahria Ordained And […]

Brother Mouse (poem)

    Brother Mouse   Crickets can fiddle Ask them, Brother Mouse, to play us an air It is near the frost, let the song be of death A concerto of whinging joints Comes lifelike ’neath a shaft of sun And fewer are the hours They may take the bow again   Spider doth weave […]

A Chain: Fifth German Spy

    The Folly The German Spy     A Chain   A woman who has done no wrong in life Leaves her front door Leaves it to decide, as objects can To click or slam…in its own good time Skulduggery in mind Discounting nursery crimes…her guvie’s frog …indeed, to a helpless thing she’d once […]