Now to Steal (poem)

    Now to Steal    His legatees can’t feel In the moment they are disowned Can’t themselves waste-binned A thread of white tape unwound from the screws A stain sinking iron back to intimacy For a heaven’s afternoon in unfilled pockets Of its first home   There has only been A daughter’s daughter Lightly […]

Boat Rentals (poem)

    Boat Rentals   She tilts up a shutter Her cart is cereal-box proportioned Plywood corners puff like biscuits Coated flyspecks score like nail tips   She issues metal tokens Her hair Grey with a cast of butter Lanking it iridescent like an abalone The bones say pretty met misfortune   Hours of commerce […]

Eight: Milieu (poetry series)

    Milieu   You like and you don’t like Thin chances but first to subtract aplomb A fellow’s duty done Subtract an unobstructed view and brace Like Dr. Bellows dressed In oilskins, your slumbering other self Can’t help but help Be national interviewee miked and lensed Smooth criminal’s aileron roll on hurricane winds A […]

What Would I Do (poem)

    What Would I Do   I, what would I You’ve come to such a jaded heart Asking participation Modern in your diction saying Join the conversation You talk of people in their shells But watch them leave the trenches Watch them start and dart the salvo Find they’ve grown the legs of a […]

Fortune (poem)

    Fortune   I was a hired paw to rid the land of vermin I was not idle as accused Nor so important as to be The plague and not her servant Her vector stirred among the coverlets Ricocheting with her whispers Into willing ears and lodging Under eyelids bringing tears My Hearer, it […]

The Smell of the Crowd (poem)

    The Smell of the Crowd   see justice pulled from the frying pan nicely crisped at the edges, greased both sides you may say, done the owner considers the tone a diminution in the smell of the crowd his helpers lose keenness for their work all of them wishing to be at home, […]

When You See God (poem)

    When You See God   When you see god nose your horizon Inconvenient choosing the hour before the alarm goes off Before you lift your fork Before you find your pen and jot your thought An acronym, had it been? for blunder A plan you’d had to get thinner By mistake you run […]

Zealots (poem)

    Zealots   Would it not revive him in a way Guarantee his life with a club key So he makes a bribe to the canal boatman And follows the stream with a binocular on Soon to enter the private door through a tunnel of privet But appetite remains which he admits The thought […]

Respect (poem)

    Respect   When my child died to me, you had the task of going from my sight, or if returning If seeking your old place, no glance aside No murmuring. For these rebuke, it is not kind to come into my presence with such looks That, saying much, and saying naught, dare teach […]

All Things Connected Loosely By a Letter (poem)

    All Things Connected Loosely By a Letter   “Good intentions would have produced Better results” You haven’t even that to console you And shown the door A bubble has popped from the brain jar Ferreting in his library for the memory All things connected loosely by a letter Or the signifier of a […]