The Volunteer: Flash Fiction

  The Volunteer                   His arm held in the grip of officialdom, he would tug, but gently, allowing himself otherwise to be moved along. He would search faces, for the onlooker willing to meet his eyes, and flash a smile to convey that a favor would be […]

New Flash Fiction: Advice for Lightning

  Advice for Lightning     The yellow fog was half smoke, and a breaking sun’s rays cast through this glittered on cinders. Being late to take advice, thinking no one had come to the door, she’d gone out at last. Someone had. A flyer of emergency numbers hung from the knob. Leandrew supposed the […]

Flash Fiction: Peckish

Peckish       “I don’t try to get out of things. I try my best not to get into things.” The weasel had dropped by, as he put it, coming on at first by a peristaltic rippling over a basswood’s roots. The roots canopied mirrored water, pooling naturally between a fallen trunk and a […]

Flash Fiction: Fallen Short

Fallen Short                 Darian thought an attic window black as that could not be empty behind the glass. But no one who’d broken the others could pitch a stone to reach so far. She’d wondered if this were true. The V between the front porch roof and that […]

All the Sires of Generations: Flash Fiction

All the Sires of Generations           “That’s too bad. How you figure,” Arbuthnot asked McCoy, “if I put it out…if you get around, I mean, and put it out under my name… Tell em the professor, that’s what I hear they been calling me—” Arbuthnot stopped here, and chuckled. “A man […]

May Day: Flash Fiction

May Day                   Gougher, the man Dria had thought he ought to sponsor, the man who’d undertaken digging a pond with a shovel, the man who suffered, in some way Dria’s church friends were too delicate to ask… Anthony Vrenick had the thing in mind. If Gougher […]

Character: New Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction Character                       Though the question occurs…whether this is not a product of nostalgia, this notion… Of character or coherence…   Coherence, adhesion, McAlley says to himself. Redundancy. Like healing like. Things that were familiar have fallen to schemes, none of which looks promising […]

Free for All: Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction Free for All           Suzette, who was going to teach her how to sell lip gloss, nail polish, body cream—H.E.N., the name of the line (it had a meaning, feminist sardonic, and then it had another meaning: Health, Energy, Nature)—had a drawing-in-of-the-lips habit. She had long, impractical fingernails. She’d […]