The Blue Bird (conclusion)

Short Stories The Blue Bird (conclusion)             She backed into the living room and picked up the TV remote. The news channel showed three women on lounge seating, two resting hands on books. One read aloud from hers. They were not personalities Gitana had ever seen. Someone had told them […]

The Blue Bird (part four)

Short Stories The Blue Bird (part four)           “So,” she told him, standing. “Here’s what I’ve decided, for today. I’m going over to Glimmerings. I’m going to put a note up on the board…get in touch with me. I don’t care…” She raised her voice. Dave was comfortable falling into his […]

The Blue Bird (part three)

Short Stories The Blue Bird (part three)               The person who lived here, number 46, had gone someplace. They’d all gone someplace. She went back down the hall…rattling knobs along the way, aggressive. She got to the landing, and turned to watch. No door tentatively inched back. No head […]

The Blue Bird (part two)

Short Stories The Blue Bird (part two)             She thanked him for the water. She said, “I’ve got to get back upstairs.” It had been one of those friendly congruities of feeling between people not ready to be friends. Dave fading back into distance, giving her this non-answer answer, rejecting […]

The Blue Bird (part one)

Short Stories The Blue Bird (part one)                   Something buzzed, up like wind can at times, when it slices between gutter and roof edge. And this noise escalated, out of the hinterlands of notice, into skull-gripping alarm. A shock came, too loud to be heard, so loud […]

🎃Lewis (short story)

Lewis           Sometimes a visitor got onto the property, just as far as stepping over the ditch. The postman only stopped his car, and almost never did, only for bills. It was not a mystery…people knew an old woman lived in the Lewis house, alone. They saw her, but rarely, when […]

Are You Adaptable (conclusion)

Are You Adaptable (part six)                       “Listen to me.” Like Nola, he put a hand on her arm. “I’m asking you, leave it alone. I don’t even know why…” He took his hand off her arm, spreading both in a baffled gesture. “…you would have […]

Are You Adaptable (part five)

Are You Adaptable (part five)               “I don’t know,” Beloye said. “I don’t read thrillers.” “We’re not talking about books! I want you to understand. I would never have invited Stenner along yesterday if I thought he was the kind of guy who just sidles up to women. I […]

Are You Adaptable (part four)

Are You Adaptable (part four)                 Beloye slipped past him to sit on the bed; she couldn’t pull on heels standing. He moved to hover, studying her through each stage, of wedging her foot in, zipping, scrunching, one boot, the other boot. In a mimicking tone that sounded […]

Are You Adaptable (part three)

Are You Adaptable (part three)             “Animals can sense evil,” Dan remarked. “You’re familiar with Green Mount.” Stenner turned to Beloye, who nodded. “Nothing spooky, no creaking iron gates or weird statuary, just respectable headstones in nice little rows. I had gone about halfway to the other side. I was alone, […]