Fellyans (conclusion)

      Fellyans (part eight)   “Who is having lunch, by now?” Jorinda said. “Is it only us?” “The elf said he wouldn’t.” “And Coral? If Alma were here, I’d be curious to know,” she raised her voice, “why the kitchen is empty, and the stew seems vanished, and my good copper kettle…” With […]

The Tambinder Engine (part five)

      The Tambinder Engine  A McAlley Story (part five)     Dear Victor   I am not a scientific person, but I believe I understand some of what you’ve kindly explained. You envision—or your ancestor, I ought to say, envisioned—a spiral chamber to capture the energy of the tides and accelerate the displacement […]

Heckler (conclusion)

Heckler (conclusion)

      Heckler (part three)     “So like, my credit hour cost was two-hundred something, toss in fees, round it up… Say the minimum wage goes to fifteen, say I work a shift and a half at Starbucks, I earn back one hour at state. Or maybe not, I’m an English Lit dropout, […]

Tourmaline: The Enemy (part two)

      The Enemy (part two)   “That dry wit of yours. Anyone listening in would call you a danger to the public peace.” Palma returned a smile, dry enough. “Sulya, they listen every minute. To you, too.” Sulya gave a nod. “They watch, as well as listen. Subject indicates agreement. My little schemes […]

Heckler (part two)

Heckler (part two)

      Heckler (part two)     You’re guessing I didn’t like the sound of this? No shit, but…working for Delaney is like this. You do good, he gives you more jobs. You say no to a job, maybe he’ll call you. To hand out coupons on the street, dressed like a Thanksgiving turkey. […]

Fellyans (part seven)

      Fellyans (part seven)   “Your husband seems not a bad sort,” Alma remarked. No answer came. She unhooked the pot, backed from the fire, elbow-length in heavy gloves, and decided the floor was the place. Jorinda’s stew bubbled on. “Watch you don’t get too near with your pretty skirt, love.” “Is there […]

Heckler (part one)

      Heckler (part one)     One of the people I know told me about these guys. Like if you wanted a loser property you owned out of the way, it’s ashes, no one finds a trace wrong—cause they use some military kind of laser. You get a little free money from the […]

Depression Glass (part five)

      Depression Glass (part five)     “You’re twenty-one,” her aunt said on the phone. “Yeah, I am.” Merrilee and Monica, roommates then, had gone to a steakhouse known for its goofy cocktails, with the promise they’d try three, each different from the last. “Happy birthday. How you feel?” “Not awful.” “Great. I’m […]

The Tambinder Engine (part four)

      The Tambinder Engine  A McAlley Story (part four)     McAlley had told her he did not. She believed he did. Summer of that year passed to autumn, and Dustin did not write. Deenie settled for an exercise of Tirza’s. Tell your frustrations, when they crowd up, that you see them, that […]

Fellyans (part six)

      Fellyans (part six)   “And your duties include patrolling the grounds, but also maintaining the jail?” Coral drew breath, and said: “Yes.” “How many cells?” “So far, only a storage room.” “But well locked.” The elf did not conceal an avidity, somewhat near glee. “Locked, and windowless,” she answered. “Meals?” “He gets […]