The Blue Bird (part one)

Short Stories The Blue Bird (part one)                             Something buzzed, up like wind can at times, when it slices between gutter and roof. The noise escalated, out of the hinterlands of notice, into skull-gripping alarm. A shock came, too loud to be […]

Please Help (conclusion)

Short Stories Please Help (part three)             He went and had a look. He had to make some noise…grunting, drawing breath, clacking a little, with his pocket key ring banging the wall under the sill. “Hey ya,” Milton said, low as he could. A head came around the wall. “The […]

Please Help (part two)

Short Stories Please Help (part two)             The man whipped round from the window and stooped by the mattress. “Take it!” he told Milton. This needed a paraphrase. It made no sense. Milton repeated his orders. “Take your phone. Go to the store…how come I wouldn’t just go to the […]

Please Help (part one)

Short Stories Please Help (part one)             The accent came fleetingly to his attention— And he saw no reason to care about it. People came from different places. Milton’s hand moved fishlike, a swath of metal buttons cleared by the gesture. Everywhere they wanted punchcodes. Easy getting them, though. “Hey, […]

Spin the Wheel (part two)

    “Marie! It’s your moment of truth! Are you gonna keep the My-T-Kwik, or go for the big bucks?” Marie told Butch she was going for the big bucks. The first guy had not won anything, so he was out. The second guy won frozen steaks, but he didn’t mind trading them, he said, […]

Spin the Wheel (part one)

    If you don’t mind has to count as a question. By rights, you’d have to have a reason for minding… So then you’d have to know what was in it for you, or figure out if the other guy was setting you up. Cause sometimes you get a foot in, doing a favor. […]

Drownings (part seven)

      Drownings (part seven)   In the morning…fog more than fogs of memory, riddled with Dustin’s compatriots, figures with a fish-belly gleam to their skin, in dress of centuries, passing… McAlley waited at the bench for Faia to appear. Greater than her other divinations was this, that she had conveyed to him by […]

Lewis (part three)

                    There had been a time when Ray, bringing a space heater of Mary Anne’s that he’d thought Mrs. Lewis might use more, had got no answer to his knock. He had taken a little stroll. He had meant to try pounding the kitchen door. But […]

Lewis (part two)

                    “You’re one of those…” Ray cast an arm towards the Spaulding property, not remembering the name that might be this stranger’s. A rail fence edged where the hill dipped into Spaulding’s hollow. When the farmhouse had renters, there had been a pony, Ray always seeing […]

Lewis (part one)

                    Sometimes a visitor got onto the property, just as far as stepping over the ditch. The postman only stopped his car, and almost never did, only for bills. It was not a mystery; people knew an old woman lived in the Lewis house, alone. They […]