Depression Glass (part two)

      Depression Glass (part two)   “When you pick one, it’ll be yours to keep, your little souvenir.” Another chin over her shoulder. “Are you the girl with the pretty name? Jate’s?” Jate’s girl? “We’re together.” Merrilee checked her shoes, finding safety to pivot, her Mary Janes toe-to-toe with a pair of pointy […]

The Resident (part one)

    The Resident (part one)   Terrible old place with dark wood paneling, sticky to the touch, white bloom on the sticky. Narrow, inadequate windows, electrical outlets in short supply, mishmash of ancient (not antique) furnishings, to be sold with. Large back lawn features laburnum, undercarpeted in messy pods, limbs marred by strange attempt […]

Fellyans (part two)

    Fellyans (part two)   The monarch kicked the lamp that had gone out. By accident…but he would, if he could see it, give it another from spite. He sought the cellar door, thinking to examine the sky. Experience had taught that skywatching played tricks on one’s balance, and tumbles in this place were […]

The Blue Bird (conclusion)

Short Stories The Blue Bird (part four)                         She saw two women parting hangers on racks. The light was natural, not enough…but above the escalator, and beaming from an office behind, were fluorescent fixtures, on. “There you go,” Dave said. TV screens hanging on […]

Depression Glass (part one)

      Depression Glass (part one)     “Hey, you know me. Check your list.” She checked, the dash bracket where her phone sat. But she kind of knew. “Mr. Reynolds, you belong in back. And if you came to lie down, I don’t want you in back either.” “Am I against the rules?” […]

The Blue Bird (part three)

Short Stories The Blue Bird (part three)                             “Hey, I forget your name!” Gitana turned and saw Dave, his hand fall away from the stairwell door. He jogged to her, stepping over the yellow bumper, nodding at the camera. “Getting some shots.” […]

Fellyans (part one)

    Fellyans (part one)   A hand removed a shoe from a foot. The owner (of all three) undertook to perform a spell, one that asked a smooth, round stone… Which, if held to the light (a clouded moon, fighting a crane’s nest and two ceiling beams), reflected anything, the Articles, arrayed, and their […]

The Blue Bird (part two)

Short Stories The Blue Bird (part two)                         “Did you see who brought it?” “They did.” “I know, but did you see them?” The woman ripped the tape, emptied a box and started filling it, disproportionate in coffee, grabbing cocoa, off-brand cookies. Someone else […]

The Blue Bird (part one)

Short Stories The Blue Bird (part one)                             Something buzzed, up like wind can at times, when it slices between gutter and roof. The noise escalated, out of the hinterlands of notice, into skull-gripping alarm. A shock came, too loud to be […]

Please Help (conclusion)

Short Stories Please Help (part three)             He went and had a look. He had to make some noise…grunting, drawing breath, clacking a little, with his pocket key ring banging the wall under the sill. “Hey ya,” Milton said, low as he could. A head came around the wall. “The […]