The Bog (part three)

Short Stories The Bog (part three)                   “There’s a twenty percent chance of a thunderstorm tonight. So you wanna go back to your car. You don’t wanna be out here in your tent. Out in the open.” “No…” “If you get stuck, get away from your tent, […]

The Bog (part two)

Short Stories The Bog (part two)                     But one might fairly say that with the Free Lander, he shared eighty percent of his genes. “So if I start choking after a while, just ignore it.” He barked out another of his bitter laughs, and talked himself […]

The Bog (part one)

Short Stories The Bog (part one)                     “You’re confined to this place. You, and one relative. Spouse, kid, sibling.” The speaker prompted. He spotted examples in the crowd, and pointed. And each of those he pointed to, three or four among a group of reporters, off-duty […]

Bad Counsel (conclusion)

Short Stories Bad Counsel (part seven)                   She drives the Ford with her feet off the pedals, letting it roll by itself inch by inch, backing it around the tight corner, edging past the purple Audi. She’s being laughed at. The two men point and backhand each […]

Bad Counsel (part six)

Short Stories Bad Counsel (part six)                   Sly, through the rolled-down window of her mother’s car, he had asked Andrée, “You gonna give me a ride home?” But Buel stayed in the driver’s seat, and Andrée ended up the passenger. At a wide spot, where a culvert […]

Bad Counsel (part five)

Short Stories Bad Counsel (part five)                   She took a seat on a wobbly chrome-legged chair, at a classroom table. Two girls, already friends, sat talking for forty minutes about a cable show. The teacher talked for his pay, deaf to them. In the whole class there […]

Bad Counsel (part four)

Short Stories Bad Counsel (part four)                   Saturday, Karen had asked if she had anything to wash, so Andrée scooped up everything from the foot of the bed, the chair back, the bathroom rug. Sunday, Karen had taken a carload of boxes to the new place. So […]

Bad Counsel (part three)

Short Stories Bad Counsel (part three)                   “Every one of these is rented,” Leo told her. Then, peering at Andrée: “They gotta sweep the rug. What’s that doing?” He pointed to a ceiling panel, askew in its slot over the exit sign. Leo kicked away the door […]

Frédéric Boutet: The Birthmark (complete)

Frédéric Boutet A Few Blackmails The Birthmark (complete)                               “Watch the road. See if anyone comes,” ordered the blind man, a meagre fellow without age, wrapped in a mackintosh the color of dust. Through a hole in the hedge where they’d […]

Bad Counsel (part two)

Short Stories Bad Counsel (two)                   Andrée begins to see. Andrée already, to her mother’s chagrin, lives rent free. But she gets it, how Sam might need six months or a year, maybe more, to build his house. Leo has talked to her about inspectors. You do […]