The Tambinder Engine (part one)

      The Tambinder Engine  A McAlley Story (part one)     The subject was a Carmadge, from the far side of the world. She had taken her car on a poking, cautious drive, where guardrails were off, where asphalt webbed itself into cracked rings, undermined by rain squalls come too late. Horses were […]

Tourmaline: Nedforum (conclusion)

Tourmaline: Nedforum (conclusion)

Tourmaline Nedforum (part seven)                                 The blue came alive as a moving picture, uniformed journalists furious over their phones, riding moving sidewalks behind bulletproof panels, along the plaza that approached the High Court building. Between the walks a motorcade moved […]

Tourmaline: Nedforum (part six)

Tourmaline Nedforum (part six)                                 But a vision came, of himself too obviously up to something, not at rest on a mental health day, but outfitted for the office, escorting his mother around the market booths. Buying anything, because ticketholders […]

Tourmaline: Nedforum (part five)

Tourmaline Nedforum (part five)                                 “Hands off, what’s wrong with you? Is that for your girl?” “Pretty stone, hmm? I don’t know of a name for it.” He gave her the cutest face he could manage. He raised a smile, […]

Fellyans (part four)

      Fellyans (part four)   He raised a warning finger. “Scoter, go indoors. Whimbrel, go with your brother.” Whimbrel had tiptoed to a spot, a particular flagstone of the walk, exactly at Scoter’s heels. Piqued, Scoter flung a dramatic aboutface, that skidded them both into Jorinda’s rosebush. “Ow! Ow! What’s your trouble, Whim?” […]

Tourmaline: Nedforum (part four)

Tourmaline Nedforum (part four)                                 But no, still never, he wanted nothing to do with Vonnie. Next he saw a coexistence between unforgiveness and acquiescence, the one a forever and the other a fleeting-by, conditional. But also, he thought of […]

Depression Glass (part three)

      Depression Glass (part three)     He picked up before the ringtone had played out. “Ms. Nixon!” He sounded pleased. Or, she thought better, like a reporter eager to cultivate a source. “Don’t call me that.” “Merrilee. Things going gangbusters between you and my nephew? We can all expect…” She cut him […]

Tourmaline: Nedforum (part three)

Tourmaline Nedforum (part three)                                 “Well. I fool myself, no doubt.” She rose too, patting her waist. “Take ten and we’ll split them. I’ll call it lunch and dinner, pay you when you get back.” She winked and scuttled…and her […]

Tourmaline: Nedforum (part two)

Tourmaline Nedforum (part two)                                 And it was consciousness, of the hours and duties; consciousness often, of isolation, that the reformers had come to impose. Why the canteen was not in the building. You stood from your seat. Stood, and […]

Tourmaline: Nedforum (part one)

Tourmaline Nedforum (part one)                                 First commentary box, first impressions. Street scenes offering more to list under possibles, fewer proofs. First view given in black and white. Anton detailed objects, people, relationships, left, right, upper, left, right, lower, instructing the […]