The Hold (conclusion)

Short Story The Hold (part three)                         His wife had said something that morning, going out the door. A nuisance, a little hackle raising. One of her near-arguments, that he never could win because she’d be in the car, backing. Could you pound on […]

The Hold (part two)

Short Story The Hold (part two)                         A tap made him look behind. “See the phone? If you need anything, pick it up. Operator.” “Gotcha.”   A bunch of greens fell in a stack, then poofed off, with a shimmery sound effect. More fell, […]

The Hold (part one)

Short Story The Hold (part one)                                     A few of the people you had no respect for, lately had gone changeling, like cooptees in a doddering cult. This was funny, laughable funny, and for the comedians on TV […]

The Resident (part three)

      The Resident (part three)     Days later, they had done much happy excavating. Their new house had closets ill-fitted to every room, and the cardboard boxes inside, the piled coats, the shoes and boots, the mated wire hangers, sculptural in their descent from bar to floor, the brooms, the headless handles […]

Fellyans (part three)

    Fellyans (part three)   “Vincent was King of the Hutterers, some sort of people who live someplace near where there’s a border with the Fells,” Alma told them. She remarked aside to Finch: “How I’d like getting my hands on that purple wool!” “And so you will, acres of it. You’re keen to […]

The Resident (part two)

      The Resident (part two)     He wore a fair isle vest, a short and tight one, over a Henley. His trousers were belted and corduroy, wales off at the knees, which to Desander detracted. Spanking new corduroy spoke (one might say); worn-in corduroy was only cloth. “But look…” whispered Wissary. Aloud, […]

Depression Glass (part two)

      Depression Glass (part two)   “When you pick one, it’ll be yours to keep, your little souvenir.” Another chin over her shoulder. “Are you the girl with the pretty name? Jate’s?” Jate’s girl? “We’re together.” Merrilee checked her shoes, finding safety to pivot, her Mary Janes toe-to-toe with a pair of pointy […]

The Resident (part one)

    The Resident (part one)   Terrible old place with dark wood paneling, sticky to the touch, white bloom on the sticky. Narrow, inadequate windows, electrical outlets in short supply, mishmash of ancient (not antique) furnishings, to be sold with. Large back lawn features laburnum, undercarpeted in messy pods, limbs marred by strange attempt […]

Fellyans (part two)

    Fellyans (part two)   The monarch kicked the lamp that had gone out. By accident…but he would, if he could see it, give it another from spite. He sought the cellar door, thinking to examine the sky. Experience had taught that skywatching played tricks on one’s balance, and tumbles in this place were […]

The Blue Bird (conclusion)

Short Stories The Blue Bird (part four)                         She saw two women parting hangers on racks. The light was natural, not enough…but above the escalator, and beaming from an office behind, were fluorescent fixtures, on. “There you go,” Dave said. TV screens hanging on […]