The Big Pants (part two)

Short Stories The Big Pants (part two)               “And why not…?” Toby finished his dialogue with John, whose passion was “helping kids”. A youth camp. John would have to buy a piece of land somewhere. He ran out of steam, mumbling about crowd funding. “Please?” Toby said. “Uh,” Tom […]

The Bog (conclusion)

Short Stories The Bog (part seven)                   “I don’t know what it can be,” Dana murmured. But he began to walk, then jog, down the plank way, making for the road. “We’d better go,” Laurel said. “I don’t see how we can stay.” “Pack?” “Leave it.”   […]

The Bog (part six)

Short Stories The Bog (part six)                   In respect of Dana…the two of them alone now. “The strip on this side of the road is all you’d have to donate. Just don’t let Harry pollute the creek.” He told her an irrelevancy, rather than hear this. “Rocky’s […]

The Big Pants (part one)

Short Stories The Big Pants (part one)               “Someone has got a watch.” They all knew it. Two, in point of fact, green as well as blue light bumping from the floor, modest hemispheres glowing where the exercise demanded pitch dark. The lights rose, converged, shed themselves on Toby’s […]

The Bog (part five)

Short Stories The Bog (part five)                   “She stays with us, and then she goes to Bren’s and so forth. I’d have to ask her.” Bren… Laurel wasn’t sure who this was. Rachel, to read her voice, was ticked. Because the invitation itself was upending, or because […]

The Bog (part four)

Short Stories The Bog (part four)                   Laurel, eighteen (Nixon president, a laundry room’s black and white TV, the only available to watch), had let Rachel, five, camp out in her apartment. Laurel had been the adult, unassailable. Now Rachel was the adult, her bossiness unrelenting after […]

The Bog (part three)

Short Stories The Bog (part three)                   “There’s a twenty percent chance of a thunderstorm tonight. So you wanna go back to your car. You don’t wanna be out here in your tent. Out in the open.” “No…” “If you get stuck, get away from your tent, […]

The Bog (part two)

Short Stories The Bog (part two)                     But one might fairly say that with the Free Lander, he shared eighty percent of his genes. “So if I start choking after a while, just ignore it.” He barked out another of his bitter laughs, and talked himself […]

The Bog (part one)

Short Stories The Bog (part one)                     “You’re confined to this place. You, and one relative. Spouse, kid, sibling.” The speaker prompted. He spotted examples in the crowd, and pointed. And each of those he pointed to, three or four among a group of reporters, off-duty […]

Bad Counsel (conclusion)

Short Stories Bad Counsel (part seven)                   She drives the Ford with her feet off the pedals, letting it roll by itself inch by inch, backing it around the tight corner, edging past the purple Audi. She’s being laughed at. The two men point and backhand each […]