The Mirrors (part twenty-five)

      The Mirrors (part twenty-five)   “Sometimes I think it was Polly warning me,” Carolee said. “It began when I was fifteen or so, when God started…I ought to say Godfrey…started frightening me. We always made allowances for God because he was the one who’d found her. He had waded down into the […]

The Mirrors (part twenty-four)

      The Mirrors (part twenty-four)     xi.     In the front hall was marble tile, hexagons of black and white; matching buffets either side of a massive mirror losing its silvering… Charmante watched William. If in wartime he’d done laundry and kitchen work, he must have entered this house. Below. Of […]

Marjorie Bowen: The Sword Decides! (part fifty-nine)

Marjorie Bowen The Sword Decides! (part fifty-nine)                     “Tomorrow,” he addressed them, “the twelfth month begins. A fair month for our Queen’s escape. We pray for calm waters.” Prayers from the table did not fill his pause. But it was Giovanna’s sputter Cabane waited for: Escape! […]

The Mirrors (part twenty-three)

      The Mirrors (part twenty-three)     There was trash, quite a lot of it—floating oil cans and tires, bottles and medicine tins… A little raft of soaked cardboard signs, opposition work from the coroner’s race. And driftwood, fencing in everything. William poled them onwards. “There ain’t gonna be a beach, ma’am.” “Don’t […]

The Mirrors (part twenty-two)

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      The Mirrors (part twenty-two)     The implements Brasher used to steer his craft were a single oar with no lock, and a pole. Charmante stepped in and squatted, propping her elbows on the sides. Carolee and Marian were in the same undignified case. There was no clean, dry spot to ease […]

The Totem-Maker: A Mother or a Father (part eight)

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The Totem-Maker Chapter Eleven A Mother or a Father (part eight)             “Egdoah, tell our soldiers your stories, of the Great Fire, and the passing of the Greyclad.” I gave my flute to Suz. “Yours now! It is an easy instrument to learn. Enchant them.” These directives I spoke while […]

The Mirrors (part twenty-one)

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      The Mirrors (part twenty-one)     x.     Their road sagged low, following the river’s course where the towpath had run. Marian drove Carolee’s car; Veronica and her guests crowded the back seat. “The Robacks were never so bad…that is, you think of them on their island, going back…” Popping sounds […]

The Mirrors (part twenty)

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      The Mirrors (part twenty)     Questions about assimilation, in the forty years since the war, a comparative study of northern and southern populations, cities chosen for the nearness in size of these. Harold must return—that had been the arrangement—because there was no telephone he could use. Just go back, and see […]

The Mirrors (part nineteen)

The Mirrors (part nineteen)

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      The Mirrors (part nineteen)     She was getting places, not yet arriving. “We were married thirteen years. We were together nine. We had a pretense I would go up to Chicago, when he got himself settled. William, my father was Dr. Bonheur. You must have heard of him.” He started an […]

Charles Monselet: Cursed Money (part four)

        Charles Monselet Cursed Money 1863           Chapter Two   The Last of the Plougastel     Nothing prevents our following the representative of Pomard, Issakof and Co., Constantinople, the man in the royal blue hat. Leaving the bookseller Jorry’s, he directed his long strides towards the gates […]