The Totem-Maker: Winter Alone (part nine)

The Totem-Maker Chapter Five Winter Alone (part nine)                   On the general’s dining porch, shuttered and hung with fleeces, hot–centered and smoky as would my master’s be… As would be at Cime’s house. I entered the room lonely, being no one’s friend in this place, my servant […]

Promoted to Exile: Fifth Tourmaline (conclusion)

Tourmaline Promoted to Exile (conclusion)                 The G.R.A. did only one thing, really. In imposing its ideology, the alliance severed ties, and severed them all. Pride in the least thing…in a well-tied shoe, one might say…would not be permitted, because you would care for the shoe, and not […]

Sequence of Events: Anarchy (part two)

Sequence of Events Chapter Thirteen Anarchy (part two)             Another face surprised her, a man’s appearing outside the window, just as Florrie had settled back against the seat and glanced up. He had a dog on a leash. The dog, jumping on its hind legs, peered through the glass as […]

Promoted to Exile: Fifth Tourmaline (part two)

Tourmaline Promoted to Exile (part two)                 Today, he’d given Byrnes an order to assemble her squadron, in snow fatigues, with their gear: radios, transponder belts, grenades and button bombs. Herward had it in mind to patrol a mile or so down the mountain, this the Hidtha named […]

Promoted to Exile: Fifth Tourmaline (part one)

Tourmaline Promoted to Exile (part one)             His advocate had told him to make the most of his new station. The advice was free, benefit of a passing encounter on Herward’s way out. The promotion had come too close on the heels of the charges’ dismissal, for him to suppose […]

Yoharie: Existence (part one)

Yoharie Existence (part one)           “It was like coming out, you know? We were a bunch of losers, and by ourselves, we were all passionate about this book. So, 1995, you’d get in a chat room and you’d say, okay, here’s what’s cool. And get like, a whole nerdvana discussion going. […]

Sequence of Events: Anarchy (part one)

Sequence of Events Chapter Thirteen Anarchy (part one)                   [G]ird yourselves and ye shall be broken in pieces; gird yourselves and ye shall be broken in pieces.   Isaiah 8:9     Even the walks had been only a nudge. Only to remind Florrie Quincy that she […]

Sympathy for the Torturer: Fourth Tourmaline (conclusion)

Tourmaline Sympathy for the Torturer (conclusion)                   Down the coast. That must be the expression. Herward used it, and Herward came from there, called himself a good friend to the Swisshelms. Down the coast they’d sat on the daybed in Anton’s attic room, he with the sisters, […]

Sequence: Drawn Upon Imagination (part six)

Sequence of Events Chapter Twelve Drawn Upon Imagination (part six)             Her father’s misogyny made for an awkward pause between them. Then, seeing that she studied the sunken flesh under her right eye, where fragments of shattered bone had been flushed out, the flap of skin stitched down, Dr. Eastland, […]

Sympathy for the Torturer: Fourth Tourmaline (part one)

Tourmaline Sympathy for the Torturer (part one)                 After his second arrest, they allowed Anton again to patronize the lunchroom within his sector: A, Orange. This was where he’d caused himself trouble. The second punishment, only a week’s confinement, had been gentler than the first. The probation, unprecedented. […]