The Totem-Maker: Winter Alone (part one)

The Totem-Maker Chapter Five  Winter Alone (part one)                         I came by the outside steps, drew back the curtain from the door, saw in shuttered dark the sleeping porch, the quarters of Cime Decima’s slaves, and sniffed the air of it, by myself. Stol […]

Sequence: The Heron’s Foot (part five)

Sequence of Events Chapter Nine The Heron’s Foot (part five)           They chuckled together. Dix had his back to Oliver, preoccupied now with writing a note, reading it twice, jamming it in among a sheaf of notes that were tucked behind a fat electric cable clamped to the wall. Oliver said, […]

Neighborhood Watch (conclusion)

Yoharie Neighborhood Watch (conclusion)         “We’re raising kids. I get up every day and go to work. Jer, I mean.” She’d been going to work, saying this, his wife darting and grabbing, that shiny, shiny thing she did to her hair making it swing and hold together like liquid. He felt a […]

Yoharie: Opening Scene

Yoharie Opening Scene               The thing that had made him hate camping. Rocks had been falling all this time, but the clip that played itself across the screen of Jeremiah Hibbler’s closed eyes was soundless. It was almost a lie…if there had not been so much rooted pain, telling […]

Sequence: The Heron’s Foot (part four)

Sequence of Events Chapter Nine The Heron’s Foot (part four)           West side people keep to themselves. My neighbors know me to be bad-tempered and unsociable. Also, they are unimpressed by my particular sort of fame. Like Harvey Planter, they have opinions about the theater. I doubt anything less than a […]

Sequence: The Heron’s Foot (part three)

Sequence of Events Chapter Nine The Heron’s Foot (part three)           “Did you tell me…” He stopped. Madolyn sighed over this relapse…a sigh distracted, gustier than she’d meant. “Go on.” She scooted the chair to his bedside. “What did I tell you?” He could not have seen Freda Murchison, but seemed, […]

Sequence: The Heron’s Foot (part two)

Sequence of Events Chapter Nine The Heron’s Foot (part two)           The West Market Café served weak coffee with its blue plate special. This, chops, peas, and fried potatoes. Feeling herself foreign to the neighborhood, Freda ate and drank, and kept a fixated gaze on her own hands. She mused. Mr. Bruner, […]

Sequence: The Heron’s Foot (part one)

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Sequence of Events Chapter Nine The Heron’s Foot (part one)                 “Vigilance begins where work begins”   From AT & T ad of 1921     “You have no money.” Phillip had said this to her, as they’d left the courtroom. He hadn’t been polite enough, or generous […]

Totem: To Be and to Choose (part five)

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The Totem-Maker Chapter Four To Be and to Choose (part five)             The Prince said: “Mumas Martas agrees to the challenge. He will fight. He will fight the slave upon the mustering grounds of the fort. What else?” He fingered his chin, artificial in manner. Mocking still, if not more […]

Sequence: The Watcher Watched (part three)

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Sequence of Events Chapter Eight The Watcher Watched (part three)           Any of the other women Rose knew, would have cared only for the menu, the clothes, the guests. They would have assumed good works were done, if they were told so. Rose, with her newspaper, the novel she read, lunch, […]