Excerpt: A Figure from the Common Lot (Peas in a Pod third)

A Figure from the Common Lot Chapter Three Peas in a Pod                       “And no reason,” Haws added to Richard, “why you shouldn’t try the catfish. Our cook is careful about the bones. Arthur, this guest is Richard Everard. Richard, where have you come to […]

Excerpt: A Figure from the Common Lot (Gone Before second)

A Figure from the Common Lot Gone Before                             One of these letters, Honoré knew by heart. (Some of its phrases, it was true, he knew only by heart, and had not quite got their meaning.) He reviewed Tweedloe’s intelligence, red-faced in […]

Mathilde Alanic: Shine! (part eight)

Mathilde Alanic Shine! (part eight)                   On the designated evening, Annie went to the town hall, accompanied by her uncle. They were among the first to arrive, and found seats in a good row not far from the stage. When Patrice Conan appeared, he was greeted by […]

The Mirrors (part seventeen)

The Mirrors (part seventeen)                         “I really need to go home first. It’s not much past seven, is it? Last night I couldn’t let my aunt know why I didn’t…there’s no phone line out that way. Someone would have to have walked from the […]

Excerpt: A Figure from the Common Lot (The House of Everard second)

A Figure from the Common Lot The House of Everard                 Richard had thought he would never marry. He had thought, many times since his visit to Louisville, of the high-handed rejection of Miss Haws. But weighing the question of Verbena, he found that his mind had resolved […]

Excerpt: A Figure from the Common Lot (Jerome third)

A Figure from the Common Lot Jerome (part three)               This stating of the case could hardly be perfected upon. Good manners required that Jerome rise and offer his hand, but he’d seated himself in the middle of the bench…he would need something to brace against. “I am Jerome, […]

Mathilde Alanic: Shine! (part seven)

Mathilde Alanic Shine! (part seven)                               iv.     Happily, she felt braced again next day, when the carrier brought a letter from M. Patrice Conan. He had occupied with distinction a chair in the university’s Department of Literature at Rennes; […]

The Mirrors (part sixteen)

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The Mirrors (part sixteen)                             William agreed. That smell. Those white crooked fingers. Ain’t drunk, go to hell. You put your hand on a dead man if you want. The boss muttered, pushed past and shook Leonce. Veronica said: “I guess he […]

Yoharie: Because Society (part five)

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Yoharie Because Society (part five)             Why, he meant. What are you really saying? Time, Giarma. “Trevor, I think people should not get married.” She found her hands doing Power Point gestures. “I can’t fix this until I hear how it comes out, so hang in. What it is, is… […]

Excerpt: A Figure from the Common Lot (Paris second)

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A Figure from the Common Lot Paris                     “Ah! Read it to me.” Honoré saw a gilded crown cresting a letter so ornate he couldn’t guess which it was. He did not know how to interpret such things. Her frown reappeared. And then Sylvie pressed a […]