Depression Glass (part two)

      Depression Glass (part two)   “When you pick one, it’ll be yours to keep, your little souvenir.” Another chin over her shoulder. “Are you the girl with the pretty name? Jate’s?” Jate’s girl? “We’re together.” Merrilee checked her shoes, finding safety to pivot, her Mary Janes toe-to-toe with a pair of pointy […]

Hammersmith: A Prisoner Goes Missing (part three)

Hammersmith Thirty-Eight A Prisoner Goes Missing (part three)           A month ago, or two days ago, or some measureless measure of time in between, Shaw had collected a telegram. It was Medlow’s, informing his operative of an ill-boding development. Medlow was on his way.   NT SAT REP N B$ SELL […]

The Totem-Maker: A Mother or a Father (part one)

The Totem-Maker Chapter Eleven A Mother or a Father (part one)                   Chapter Eleven A Mother or a Father   Noakale was Egdoah’s sponsor. I had known it at the point of demanding to know. “What have you sent to the Prince’s wife already?” He bowed his […]

The Resident (part one)

    The Resident (part one)   Terrible old place with dark wood paneling, sticky to the touch, white bloom on the sticky. Narrow, inadequate windows, electrical outlets in short supply, mishmash of ancient (not antique) furnishings, to be sold with. Large back lawn features laburnum, undercarpeted in messy pods, limbs marred by strange attempt […]

Fellyans (part two)

    Fellyans (part two)   The monarch kicked the lamp that had gone out. By accident…but he would, if he could see it, give it another from spite. He sought the cellar door, thinking to examine the sky. Experience had taught that skywatching played tricks on one’s balance, and tumbles in this place were […]

Hammersmith: A Prisoner Goes Missing (part two)

Hammersmith Thirty-Eight A Prisoner Goes Missing (part two)           The professor had ferried Minnie into his arms. “Here’s your gal…you take good care of her, mister. And I’ll just say adios.” To himself, Shaw could admit a five-second reverie of chucking it all. Why not tell Medlow, “Blame me. I let […]

The Blue Bird (conclusion)

Short Stories The Blue Bird (part four)                         She saw two women parting hangers on racks. The light was natural, not enough…but above the escalator, and beaming from an office behind, were fluorescent fixtures, on. “There you go,” Dave said. TV screens hanging on […]

Marjorie Bowen: The Sword Decides! (part forty-eight)

Marjorie Bowen The Sword Decides! (part forty-eight)                   It was of some use, to know how they spoke of you. But should Sancia send gossip winging to Sicily, Maria wished for none of this when. Tell them, Whore, that I am mad and pleased to remain so. […]

Hammersmith: A Prisoner Goes Missing (part one)

Hammersmith Thirty-Eight A Prisoner Goes Missing (part one)           “Now, it’s true, the Seltons have their origins in Nottinghamshire. So far as circus people have origins. It’s also true they were in France, waiting out their creditors, at the time Charley hatched. He was the eldest, second Mrs. Selton’s first. Then […]

Yoharie: Inside (part five)

Yoharie Inside (part five)             Hibbler said, struggling to it, the only thing that could be. “I have to get that.” He put the gun in its holster. He told her where he was. A kicking-in of the garage door motor made him start, Yoharie sigh. The wheelchair buzzed off, […]