Fellyans (conclusion)

      Fellyans (part eight)   “Who is having lunch, by now?” Jorinda said. “Is it only us?” “The elf said he wouldn’t.” “And Coral? If Alma were here, I’d be curious to know,” she raised her voice, “why the kitchen is empty, and the stew seems vanished, and my good copper kettle…” With […]

The Mirrors (part twenty-five)

      The Mirrors (part twenty-five)   “Sometimes I think it was Polly warning me,” Carolee said. “It began when I was fifteen or so, when God started…I ought to say Godfrey…started frightening me. We always made allowances for God because he was the one who’d found her. He had waded down into the […]

The Mirrors (part twenty-four)

      The Mirrors (part twenty-four)     xi.     In the front hall was marble tile, hexagons of black and white; matching buffets either side of a massive mirror losing its silvering… Charmante watched William. If in wartime he’d done laundry and kitchen work, he must have entered this house. Below. Of […]

The Resident (part twelve)

      Chapter Two An Anniversary Party         (part twelve)     A door swung open to the passage, the sliver of wet-looking concrete between garage and house. A man stepped out, flung into a stride, noticed himself watched, skidded on a paver, wobbled upright. “Oh, hello… Claudie!” “John, that’s Debra, […]

Marjorie Bowen: The Sword Decides! (part fifty-nine)

Marjorie Bowen The Sword Decides! (part fifty-nine)                     “Tomorrow,” he addressed them, “the twelfth month begins. A fair month for our Queen’s escape. We pray for calm waters.” Prayers from the table did not fill his pause. But it was Giovanna’s sputter Cabane waited for: Escape! […]

The Mirrors (part twenty-three)

      The Mirrors (part twenty-three)     There was trash, quite a lot of it—floating oil cans and tires, bottles and medicine tins… A little raft of soaked cardboard signs, opposition work from the coroner’s race. And driftwood, fencing in everything. William poled them onwards. “There ain’t gonna be a beach, ma’am.” “Don’t […]

The Tambinder Engine (part five)

      The Tambinder Engine  A McAlley Story (part five)     Dear Victor   I am not a scientific person, but I believe I understand some of what you’ve kindly explained. You envision—or your ancestor, I ought to say, envisioned—a spiral chamber to capture the energy of the tides and accelerate the displacement […]

The Mirrors (part twenty-two)

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      The Mirrors (part twenty-two)     The implements Brasher used to steer his craft were a single oar with no lock, and a pole. Charmante stepped in and squatted, propping her elbows on the sides. Carolee and Marian were in the same undignified case. There was no clean, dry spot to ease […]

Heckler (conclusion)

Heckler (conclusion)

      Heckler (part three)     “So like, my credit hour cost was two-hundred something, toss in fees, round it up… Say the minimum wage goes to fifteen, say I work a shift and a half at Starbucks, I earn back one hour at state. Or maybe not, I’m an English Lit dropout, […]

The Totem-Maker: A Mother or a Father (part eight)

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The Totem-Maker Chapter Eleven A Mother or a Father (part eight)             “Egdoah, tell our soldiers your stories, of the Great Fire, and the passing of the Greyclad.” I gave my flute to Suz. “Yours now! It is an easy instrument to learn. Enchant them.” These directives I spoke while […]