Sequence of Events: Moving On (part four)

Sequence of Events Chapter Ten Moving On (part four)           “Thus,” he went on, “we need not abandon our mission due to a mere contingency, one that any careful plan would have anticipated. No…I still consider my thinking to have been sound. It was the weather…” He’d paced back to the […]

Tunneling Through: Hammersmith (thirty-six)

Hammersmith Thirty-Six Tunneling Through           Aimee and Vic found themselves dispatched by a new ally of Zetland…not the professor, though rather like him in feature…via Indian club, as to mutely point the way, and underground passage—being the way itself. They edged round the dim figures of Elton Bott and Ben Lemuel. […]

The Volunteer: Flash Fiction

  The Volunteer                   His arm held in the grip of officialdom, he would tug, but gently, allowing himself otherwise to be moved along. He would search faces, for the onlooker willing to meet his eyes, and flash a smile to convey that a favor would be […]

Sequence of Events: Moving On (part three)

Sequence of Events Chapter Ten Moving On (part three)           “Love is no use.” Bruner said it, finally, and Summers said, “No, you’re wrong. Love is a great motivator. One of those cases where you have to strike while the iron’s hot, though. Bruner, I think you can do a job […]

Yoharie: Neverers (part one)

Yoharie Neverers (part one)           “But places the landscape was uniform in appearance…which might be desert, coastlands, tropical forest…and, of course, among the Mediterranean nations early mariners generally kept within sight of land… So we see the building of monumental works—statues, temples, mausoleums. They were navigation aids, practically, as well as […]

Celebrated (part twelve)

Novella Celebrated (part twelve)             “I’m not a trash artist.” She wanted to laugh, and the matter was somewhat bitter. His head bent to the hand, turning one of the bobbles back and forth, catching light. Petra bought a lot of glass, long tubes of color, buckets of frit; she […]

Sequence of Events: Moving On (part two)

Sequence of Events Chapter Ten Moving On (part two)           Murchison sighs—a sigh of such resignation that Stanley, suddenly, has a vivid picture of the two of them sitting across from each other at the kitchen table. Viola is the stronger. Murchison wants her to see his dilemma. There is a […]

Celebrated (part eleven)

Novella Celebrated (part eleven)           “Your name is in the book.” He laughed, with apology. The book was in the bedside drawer of his motel room… And so, anyway, he’d taken a look. “Well, I don’t….” She started this…she might have said, nobody calls me, but if they did…no, I don’t […]

Sequence of Events: Moving On (part one)

Sequence of Events Chapter Ten Moving On                     Man will remain, to dream as he hath dreamed And mark the earth with passion. Love will spring, from the tomb of old affections.   from The Indian Advocate, early 1900s, uncredited     Phillip found himself catching […]

The Totem-Maker: Winter Alone (part two)

The Totem-Maker Chapter Five Winter Alone (part two)         He spun the wheel, and the number was ten. “Your move then. Take ten of my pieces, and place one of yours on the tenth square.” Rapid was the exchange of tests, up to perhaps the dozenth spin of the wheel. The board […]