Celebrated (part twenty)

Celebrated (part twenty)                     She’d dispatched Hector to coastal New Jersey, a tent auction he spots advertised. Emboldened, in that way being someone other than yourself allows, Hector works the room. And with a vague idea he’s heard of Harold Carter, one of the dealers hires […]

Yoharie: Existence (part three)

Yoharie Existence (part three)             Val had never watched the Zapruder film, and the moment seemed ripe. Since Trevor kept talking… The horror people had felt must have been more outrage. Upset, truly. They lived in a world back then where they could think this one thing the end of […]

Hammersmith: Reckoning Up (conclusion)

Hammersmith Thirty-Nine Reckoning Up (conclusion)         The dilemma had a straightforward logic to it, supposing a father a little overbearing, and a little inclined to take things for granted, could be ushered— To the hilltop perspective, to see his daughter through the eyes of an interested friend. “June is happy. June in […]

The Totem-Maker: Winter Alone (part eleven)

The Totem-Maker Chapter Five Winter Alone (part eleven)           The Prince and his knights, and a woman, her servants… Indeed his wife, eager, I had been told, for battle…had a lighter craft of their own. This single-masted ship gave its commander some pains, to keep it from rocking in the wake […]

Celebrated (part nineteen)

Celebrated (part nineteen)                     This third day of Tom’s visit, they sat on the studio futon, a cat between them, Gingerpie; a stack of typewritten sheets, and the manuscript’s tattered manila envelope, under the cat. It was her own topic, The Lost Man, and it mattered— […]

The Totem-Maker: Winter Alone (part ten)

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The Totem-Maker Chapter Five Winter Alone (part ten)              “Yes, call me that. Depwoto.” I patted the couch. He sat next me with a simplicity that made me think better of his kind. Whom had I met in this place unbeset by that crippling haughtiness that troubled the general and […]

Cadisk: Seventh Tourmaline (conclusion)

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Tourmaline Cadisk (conclusion)             Moody backed a few steps, turned and beelined through an office door. The conference table was centered between arrays of full-length windows, two little hallways at either end dividing executives from staffers, emptying to the elevator this side, the restroom, that. She would have to cite […]

Cadisk: Seventh Tourmaline (part two)

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Tourmaline Cadisk (part two)             Or poetry, as Anton had. A last testament, as Frederick. If you were busy matching colored squares, you might ignore permission to write. As you liked. The other person she saw was the Hidtha woman who came to take up sheets and towels, replace them. […]

Cadisk: Seventh Tourmaline (part one)

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Tourmaline Cadisk (part one)           Nothing netted any longer from the ocean, the harbor and all its traffic suborned to a use, the district peopled only with transients, intractable Jocelynists, the never-seen detainees… Cadisk was a coastal town with a prison economy. Residents were less happy than inmates. They could never […]

Authority Weighs In: Sixth Tourmaline (conclusion)

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Tourmaline Authority Weighs In (conclusion)                 Wrik ignored the private who waited to direct them. Herward on this excuse hung back, returned the salute, and spoke to Jovie. “Have you been introduced to the major?” “Are you bucking for general in charge of Miners’ Peak Tunnel?” Herward meant, […]