The Mirrors (part twenty)

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      The Mirrors (part twenty)     Questions about assimilation, in the forty years since the war, a comparative study of northern and southern populations, cities chosen for the nearness in size of these. Harold must return—that had been the arrangement—because there was no telephone he could use. Just go back, and see […]

Tourmaline: The Enemy (part two)

      The Enemy (part two)   “That dry wit of yours. Anyone listening in would call you a danger to the public peace.” Palma returned a smile, dry enough. “Sulya, they listen every minute. To you, too.” Sulya gave a nod. “They watch, as well as listen. Subject indicates agreement. My little schemes […]

The Resident (part eleven)

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      Chapter Two An Anniversary Party         (part eleven)     “So a hangar, a fueling station, mechanic’s shop. And some kind of lounge, case of thunderstorms, guests have to wait for a car. But no tower. Still, with the idea of mapping out space for one…” Debra squatted. She […]

The Mirrors (part nineteen)

The Mirrors (part nineteen)

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      The Mirrors (part nineteen)     She was getting places, not yet arriving. “We were married thirteen years. We were together nine. We had a pretense I would go up to Chicago, when he got himself settled. William, my father was Dr. Bonheur. You must have heard of him.” He started an […]

Charles Monselet: Cursed Money (part four)

        Charles Monselet Cursed Money 1863           Chapter Two   The Last of the Plougastel     Nothing prevents our following the representative of Pomard, Issakof and Co., Constantinople, the man in the royal blue hat. Leaving the bookseller Jorry’s, he directed his long strides towards the gates […]

Marjorie Bowen: The Sword Decides! (part fifty-eight)

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Marjorie Bowen The Sword Decides! (part fifty-eight)                     The messenger took a bench under a shutter. His shoulders heaved with a long-drawn breath. “Matteo,” Giovanna said. “We begin with an invocation,” murmured Jean, archbishop of Naples. “Monsieur, do.” The bishop spoke the names of all the […]

Heckler (part two)

Heckler (part two)

      Heckler (part two)     You’re guessing I didn’t like the sound of this? No shit, but…working for Delaney is like this. You do good, he gives you more jobs. You say no to a job, maybe he’ll call you. To hand out coupons on the street, dressed like a Thanksgiving turkey. […]

The Mirrors (part eighteen)

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      The Mirrors (part eighteen)     “And when you were hired, you were only to come in as far as the lower hall, and the cellar stairs?” “They had the house shut up. Nothing to do with me.” “But.” “See, you all out there, maybe you never got to hear things. You […]

The Mirrors (part seventeen)

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      The Mirrors (part seventeen)     viii.     And so— The year of Esta’s birth, on an island in a southern river… Born new asset to a family of wealthy bankers. Here at the city’s fringe had been this wall. This wall on its little hump of earth, able with its […]

Fellyans (part seven)

      Fellyans (part seven)   “Your husband seems not a bad sort,” Alma remarked. No answer came. She unhooked the pot, backed from the fire, elbow-length in heavy gloves, and decided the floor was the place. Jorinda’s stew bubbled on. “Watch you don’t get too near with your pretty skirt, love.” “Is there […]