The Resident (part six)

      The Resident (part six)     “Go in and get you something to drink,” Stu called out. “Lunch any time now, Dad.” Deb’s over-the-shoulder glance caught her fiancé’s frozen sneer. She turned in full, with a warning deliberation, and shot Bridge the dagger of a look. One visitor was dressed in black […]

The Tambinder Engine (part one)

      The Tambinder Engine  A McAlley Story (part one)     The subject was a Carmadge, from the far side of the world. She had taken her car on a poking, cautious drive, where guardrails were off, where asphalt webbed itself into cracked rings, undermined by rain squalls come too late. Horses were […]

The Mirrors (part five)

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The Mirrors (part five)                                   For his sake she threw a keen look along the wall, where creeping charley undulated, wider in the shade. Rain began to pelt. “Get you inside, ma’am.” “No, I’m fine…” There, of course. A […]

The Mirrors (part four)

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The Mirrors (part four)                                   He put his head out. “How you like that angel?” “Mr. Carmine helped me fix it up. You see it there, in the window.” At a half-angle, the wings showed in their contrivance a […]

Tourmaline: Nedforum (conclusion)

Tourmaline: Nedforum (conclusion)

Tourmaline Nedforum (part seven)                                 The blue came alive as a moving picture, uniformed journalists furious over their phones, riding moving sidewalks behind bulletproof panels, along the plaza that approached the High Court building. Between the walks a motorcade moved […]

Yoharie: Breaking Up Together (part two)

Yoharie: Breaking Up Together (part two)

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Yoharie Breaking Up Together (part two)             They were good until four pm, and their front-row appointment at the Deloris Bros chapel. Good to zone into a mirror-world of car trips just for fun. Talk to their aunt, eat lunch at a restaurant… “We’ll do drive-thru, unless no one’s hungry.” […]

The Totem-Maker: A Mother or a Father (part five)

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The Totem-Maker Chapter Eleven A Mother or a Father (part five)           “Escmar. What will you do, if you live in these woods, when the Emperor’s men reach Suma Fortesa by another way, and in their vengeance bring floods and fire?” “Await them,” she said. She had taken the pause I […]

Tourmaline: Nedforum (part six)

Tourmaline Nedforum (part six)                                 But a vision came, of himself too obviously up to something, not at rest on a mental health day, but outfitted for the office, escorting his mother around the market booths. Buying anything, because ticketholders […]

The Resident (part five)

      The Resident (part five)     Batting at clematis that brushed his white polo, Bridge Krebbs passed under the arch to the Rose Room. He remarked (as always) that he couldn’t get over the stupidity of this. His companion, sixtyish, six-footish, blue eyes, in the way of itchy contact lenses, bleary, remarked […]

The Mirrors (part three)

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The Mirrors (part three)                                   She obeyed, rather than shout back. This took effort, fighting an urge to flight, clandestine movements playing at the corners of her eyes, her feet striking unnatural rhythms. Instinct driven, heartbeat of a hunted […]