Catastrophe (part forty)

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (part forty)                               XXV A conversation with former deputy M. Duquesnay   An explanation of the phenomenon. And again, politics…     M. Duquesnay is the deputy not reelected from Fort-de-France. He could not […]

The Mirrors (part thirty-two)

      The Mirrors (part thirty-two)           xvi.     Carolee had studied business composition and etiquette, shorthand and typewriting, at a junior college in the city. Permitted to live in the dorm there, feeling not normal, not social among the girls. Never a fit with the normal, because she […]

Where Fashion Sits (poem)

      Where Fashion Sits   Are you the larval worm in the larder Every feathered pillow has this unseen delver You feel yourself layered in tissue paper Your rat’s race a peristaltic ripple of waxy flesh Your crackling head a pin The glue has brittled in the way of yellowed cellophane The leather […]

My Blog Week: January 1 to January 7

All the Latest from Torsade!                                     On Monday, December 26 and Monday, January 2, two episodes of The Mirrors seen through Charleton’s eyes. On Tuesday, a poem reissue, “Explication”; on Thursday, another, from Haunt of Thieves, “Charity”. Friday, […]

The Totem-Maker: A Mother or a Father (part nine)

The Totem-Maker Chapter Eleven A Mother or a Father (part nine)             Returned to my room, I emptied totems, emptied other toys and games, onto my table. They were my trade’s tricks, mostly failed. I peered at my candle, thought with seriousness of setting the floorcloth afire. Give up, Nur-Elom. […]

Charity (poem)

      Charity   The camp takes all the rising ground On the delta’s city side Driftwood split, stakes driven in and roped paper and cloth of every color, every kind partition quarters curtain sleepers Hard-faced pounding builders making use of time New shelters in construction catching wind like kites Fortress blocks dragged up […]

Explication (poem)

      Explication   Morbid feet on a ruminant’s road They are speaking likenesses of nervous rounding More than an anthropologist’s brush off An antelope’s roaming is found to be enough By epoch’s end we have all gone soft And taken to occupy our cushions gravely fanning a white layer of flesh Wise to […]

The Mirrors (part thirty-one)

      The Mirrors (part thirty-one)     Warning: A character in this episode, within a passage of dialogue, uses a racial epithet.       Closing the door, he said, “My father is…” He said, his voice regained: “We need to lock the drug cabinets. Here at the back, maybe have bars fixed […]

The Tambinder Engine (part six)

      The Tambinder Engine  A McAlley Story (part six)     She passed Matthew’s picture window and stopped, saw a couple at the bottom of the drive. The woman’s hair, hanging long and coarse, ash blonde, her young face furrowed, mouth and brow. She scowled, and the furrows came strong. The man, wind […]

The patient (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 29 Dec 2022 in Art, Poems

      The patient   Through the prayers of her family the patient they believed this, they were happy the miracle was theirs and not another’s won her toss, but the trial ended, its second phase never entered over conventional treatments not improved And time short, none to risk   She knew all in […]