The Mind’s Eye (poem)

      The Mind’s Eye   Poured into America Through parting industrial fog of moist Over fen of broken fill still an alternative To the unwelcome choice For second rankers rags Clothe well enough and rainbows of all stripes Enchant condemn the love of color if you must Polluted strata layered between spheres Wash […]

The Tambinder Engine (part two)

      The Tambinder Engine  A McAlley Story (part two)     Leaving, she scanned hard the direction Matthew would have gone. Maybe I’ve seen a ghost. Maybe I’ve had a fit. The bad air… At her rear bumper, she laid her armload on the gravel. The white truck had water jugs in the […]

My Blog Week: June 12 to June 18

All the Latest from Torsade!                                   A Word on the Week     Blight (part two)           Our society wants to manage mental health better, but we have a folkloric problem. We allow narratives into […]

Depression Glass (part four)

      Depression Glass (part four)     “Oh, that’s pretty. Is it, like, a fern?” “It’s a poisonous plant called hemlock.” “But, you mean, hemlock? How’s it growing here?” “You got me. I can look it up.” He patted his phone pocket. They were under hot sun, on weedy gravel, moving down from […]

The Mirrors (part six)

    The Mirrors (part six)     iii.     Nothing that manifests…nothing that can be… (She was bearing this in mind, in church, where faith was apt.) …is not created for the good. You dispute this. You say that there is evil in the world, and that you have smelled the malignant breath […]

Marjorie Bowen: The Sword Decides! (part fifty-five)

Marjorie Bowen The Sword Decides! (part fifty-five)                   Her day had left Simona restless. While, this role she played required less… Less (a sigh) of standing by in readiness. Fiorina in her simple dress, sweating when the sun was hot, no perfumed waters, no cloth teased from […]

The Resident (part six)

      The Resident (part six)     “Go in and get you something to drink,” Stu called out. “Lunch any time now, Dad.” Deb’s over-the-shoulder glance caught her fiancé’s frozen sneer. She turned in full, with a warning deliberation, and shot Bridge the dagger of a look. One visitor was dressed in black […]

Catastrophe (part twenty-five)

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (twenty-five)                       When M. Jalabert received the dispatch, in which M. Landes spoke of the fall of the Morne-Lacroix, and of the possible consequences, he had thought it best before posting this, to communicate it to the governor. […]

The Cat Sprang Up (poem)

      The Cat Sprang Up   Since largely we are not little match girls And because the habit of sneaking asks of us That any wisp of fellow-feeling Be snuffed and whisked aside in the cup and ball game The atom shot from the huddled mass to huddle in a doorway would gather […]

A Little Joy (poem)

      A Little Joy   The young gather near old Timeworn The age of him lies like a bundle Poor yellow tom The stink of an open toilet and the menace of a grinning man He knows they’re like that A little joy in the killing The back steps concrete crumbling This fault […]