Catastrophe (part nine)

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (part nine)                             VI. The Funeral Boat On Land…What We Saw There     I had seen the volcano in passing near the coast, aboard the Saint-Domingue. I had remarked the terror it threatened to […]

The Blue Bird (conclusion)

Short Stories The Blue Bird (part four)                         She saw two women parting hangers on racks. The light was natural, not enough…but above the escalator, and beaming from an office behind, were fluorescent fixtures, on. “There you go,” Dave said. TV screens hanging on […]

Eight: King’s Bishop (poem)

      King’s Bishop   How’s the latest hoodwink? That a good word, hoodwink? You like it? So it comes from olden times, highway robbery Stagecoaches, powdered wigs Stand and eat liver, that the phrase? [laughs] And warned him with her death You think I’m nuts, what’s he talking about? You don’t know that […]

Marjorie Bowen: The Sword Decides! (part forty-eight)

Marjorie Bowen The Sword Decides! (part forty-eight)                   It was of some use, to know how they spoke of you. But should Sancia send gossip winging to Sicily, Maria wished for none of this when. Tell them, Whore, that I am mad and pleased to remain so. […]

My Blog Week: January 2 to January 8

All the Latest from Torsade!                                 A Word on the Week     Critical Lapses (part three)           More from John Simon’s review of Star Wars (1977):   “The film […] has nowhere near the romantic […]

Catastrophe (part eight)

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (part eight)                       A few Americans had planned to realize it, this classic ascent become obligatory. They were at Morne-Rouge. Fully equipped, they departed: wagons, horses, mules, guides, and provisions. They had dined, very calm, and happy in […]

Tea Leaves (poem)

hectored overcoat   body appeal lack of body appeal becomes a safety feature makeover success to lie in the subject’s future topicless conversations never a danger bright times ahead console against failure brakes read the feel of the brakes read as tampered I am managing this ice for you spoke the car’s computer please rest […]

Hammersmith: A Prisoner Goes Missing (part one)

Hammersmith Thirty-Eight A Prisoner Goes Missing (part one)           “Now, it’s true, the Seltons have their origins in Nottinghamshire. So far as circus people have origins. It’s also true they were in France, waiting out their creditors, at the time Charley hatched. He was the eldest, second Mrs. Selton’s first. Then […]

Yoharie: Inside (part five)

Yoharie Inside (part five)             Hibbler said, struggling to it, the only thing that could be. “I have to get that.” He put the gun in its holster. He told her where he was. A kicking-in of the garage door motor made him start, Yoharie sigh. The wheelchair buzzed off, […]

Of Use: Seventh Allied Forces

      The Folly Allied Forces         Of Use   To a life of unkind treatment Toast a prayer— any person with a heart As to Krug it can’t matter, who you are where   He had not had a father Stray girls are placed in homes to bear the sufferings […]