Yoharie: Opening Scene

Yoharie Opening Scene               The thing that had made him hate camping. Rocks had been falling all this time, but the clip that played itself across the screen of Jeremiah Hibbler’s closed eyes was soundless. It was almost a lie…if there had not been so much rooted pain, telling […]

Sequence: The Heron’s Foot (part four)

Sequence of Events Chapter Nine The Heron’s Foot (part four)           West side people keep to themselves. My neighbors know me to be bad-tempered and unsociable. Also, they are unimpressed by my particular sort of fame. Like Harvey Planter, they have opinions about the theater. I doubt anything less than a […]

The Blue Bird (part four)

Short Stories The Blue Bird (part four)           “So,” she told him, standing. “Here’s what I’ve decided, for today. I’m going over to Glimmerings. I’m going to put a note up on the board…get in touch with me. I don’t care…” She raised her voice. Dave was comfortable falling into his […]

My Blog Week: Jan 27 to Feb 2

All the Latest from Torsade!                       This week began with a poem from my book Mystery Plays, “Side of Life”. On Tuesday, Phillip got a break, not without strings attached, when his scheme to impress Gamotte suffered for its ambition, in Sequence of Events. Wednesday, […]

Celebrated (part nine)

Novella Celebrated (part nine)               Otherwise, Greenwalter was decently informative; he dropped jargon like IR and ingest, but offended thus no more than most computer guys. He had heard of Voluntary Motion. “I started reading it.” “Great.” This meant either once and done, or yesterday when I found out […]

To Whom Do You Refer: Malice Part Two

Assorted Opinions To Whom Do You Refer (With Malice Towards None: part two)                 When I speak of good taste and of good moral tone I do not mean the kind of good taste which is offended by every reference to the unpleasant things of life, I do […]

Awful Rivalry: Eleventh Tattersby

    The Folly Tattersby     Awful Rivalry   The extraordinary freedom! I refer to taking matters of despatch into one’s own hands. I had been inclined, even I, to stick to rules, you know. Embarrassing the name of Bevington not done. (As though this were a thing of real concern.) I bore the […]

La Catastrophe de la Martinique: forty-one

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (forty-one)                           Among the Experts   XXVI  A Guardian of Sanitary Regulations   Protests All Down the Line     A man who truly is no longer content, not at all, with the governmental and administrative […]

Sum of (poem)

    Sum of   Long patience, the sort a society of resurrectionists Calls its like-to-like decode of Low resonance A Plan, cryptographical embed, that which Sifts the dead-weight from the Superman A blat from the alpenhorn In figure Reverbs of duty-bound orders, secret Errants who have stood Before the longbow, and sacrificed the ear […]

Sequence: The Heron’s Foot (part three)

Sequence of Events Chapter Nine The Heron’s Foot (part three)           “Did you tell me…” He stopped. Madolyn sighed over this relapse…a sigh distracted, gustier than she’d meant. “Go on.” She scooted the chair to his bedside. “What did I tell you?” He could not have seen Freda Murchison, but seemed, […]