Celebrated (conclusion)

Novella Celebrated (conclusion)                           Having money for things was new. Petra had lived on grants, otherwise been hired for jobs term-to-term. Since buying this land eighteen years ago, she had lived by hodgepodge, not free to roam. But by selling a few things, […]

Hammersmith: Mossbunker’s Castle (chapter six)

Hammersmith Chapter Six Mossbunker’s Castle           Vic B. Mack was in Mossbunker’s castle keep. In their mutual professional capacities, Mossbunker had spoken to him once…stipulating he did not allow the press inside his walls. They’d walked the yellowing greensward, as Vic felt inclined to name it, passed by the holly hedges (these, […]

Mathilde Alanic: Shine! (part thirty-one)

Mathilde Alanic Shine! (part thirty-one)                                 iii.       “Jean-Pierre Le Goël.” The copper plaque, shining on the openwork of a gatepost, informed the stroller thus, and he stopped. A ground-floor window between green shutters stood open to let […]

Her Day (poem)

      Her Day   Will you do something? Uncontexted, the question compels, does it? The writer had been hired to complete a story Not so fast, though. The publisher prefers she prove herself She reviews the half-done coattail she might ride to fame Maisie Day, reformed sex-worker turned private agent Encounters her usual […]

Marjorie Bowen: The Sword Decides! (part ten)

Marjorie Bowen The Sword Decides! (part ten)                       Chapter IV Giovanna       The room was small, shrouded from daylight by a velvet curtain. Before the window an alabaster lamp cast a faint glow, catching sparks from the fleurs-de-lis of the purple hangings, their […]

Yoharie: Give and Take (part three)

Yoharie Give and Take (part three)               Divorce…which was the issue… Kate’s first thought was of Mat, the house. The living room gym stripped…no yard sale so neighbors could get a shot at the equipment. The garage semi-gutted. Semi-restored, maybe, to intended use, missing the sectional and flokati, still […]

Celebrated (part twenty-one)

Celebrated (part twenty-one)                     She had an awareness of herself, arguing at Tom with all she’d never… All Ian had never given her the chance— All she had turned over in her mind through forty years of explaining to him, making him accept her point, in […]

Goods for Love (poem)

      Goods for Love   On the midden heap Above the flood still inundated If you substituted Goods for love Your heart speaking through Some accident of neurofibre What chance angle or what play of light refracting A carbohydrate rush Acting on your mood   They iridesce and their rims Have a soft […]

Mathilde Alanic: Shine! (part thirty)

Mathilde Alanic Shine! (part thirty)                     Josèphe, sensing herself suspected, flushed once more, but promptly found a tangent of escape. Very dignified, she said: “Besides, this wedding will be brilliant. I need time, or I’ll never be ready. I have nothing left to wear!” Her husband […]

Even Heard (poem)

      Even Heard   Nothing recently radio silence almost a fig leaf of the past Your old friend with his bags of heirloom seeds Took them to the farmer’s market, Sharpied a sign saying FREE Bought tickets on the very plane they grounded for yawing side-to-side, nose up, nose down Stricken passengers allowed […]