The Invisible Hand: Inimical (episode nine)

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Inimical Chapter 4 The Invisible Hand (episode nine)                 “We must make provision for the winter,” said the cat, “or we shall suffer hunger. And you, little mouse, must not stir out, or you will be caught in a trap.”   The Cat and the Mouse in Partnership […]

A Small Exchange (poem)

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      A Small Exchange   A small exchange between the gutter and the feet Wet hosiery and someone letting off corrosive mirth And so having blocks to go She felt uncondoled I mourn with you among strangers Waiting for a split head to hiss out the steam That boils it The curiosity of […]

Turning the Corner: Inimical (episode eight)

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Inimical Chapter 3 Turning the Corner (episode eight)           “So she flings the earring away, seeing him, and Mr. Rousseau jumps, seeing her, and knocks the table over, and the mink stole spills out. Isobel asks him if he’s trying to be funny. He says, ‘I am never funny. So far […]

A Torsade Triolet

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Hi, there!                 Table of Selected Contents Announcements The Cartoon House A Figure from the Common Lot Inimical The Impresario The Folly      

Turning the Corner: Inimical (episode seven)

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Inimical Chapter 3 Turning the Corner (episode seven)           She brightened. “August’s mother was a Russian Jew. You could call his parents social improvers.” Stauber had confided, Greta in turn confided, that he’d often felt embarrassed by his mother. Unapologetic, Frau Doktor Stauber had visited the poor districts at the outskirts […]

Yoharie: Valentine

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Yoharie Valentine                 “Valentine.” The manager’s name was Dawkins; they called him Donk…not clever, but for some reason supernaturally right. Donk’s habit was to cast an eye from Val’s hair to his shoes, a rape-threatening eye. It was the term Val and Sasha, in the kitchen, laughed over, […]

Turning the Corner: Inimical (episode six)

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Inimical Chapter 3 Turning the Corner (episode six)             Prompt and appropriate change of voice and manner in harmony with the changing effects of language, is indispensable to the art of expression. Discourse is often like the dissolving view, interesting and effective largely from its contrasts. It requires one or […]

Marketing for Misfits: Social Media

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My Curious Reading Marketing for Misfits: Social Media You are trying to sell your writing.         You don’t have hordes of friends; you don’t have a big, devoted, extended family who will follow you unconditionally and like all your posts. You need social media—because it allows you to get out of your […]

Poppets (poem)

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      Poppets   This beanbag poppet with a muslin skin Made to dance on its stubs Given vocals pitched high Pinched out of a pocket to tell of How it lounges most hours in a hammock Wasting time There’s a second poppet Made of calico and yellow floss Your Savior did not teach […]

Soldiers of Peace: Inimical (episode five)

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Inimical Chapter 2 Soldiers of Peace (episode five)           After dropping his piece at a sub-editor’s desk, Malcolm-Webb used an office phone to make a series of inquiries. “Well, it was Boyle’s idea,” he told his listener, off-hand. An auditor would hear a reporter, following up leads. “You may accuse me […]