The Totem-Maker: Use for Use (part one)

Posted by ractrose on 29 Nov 2019 in Fiction, Novels

The Totem-Maker Chapter Six Use for Use (part one)           The gods that ruled this country, and this strange prison of the tollhouse, said nothing to me. They sent snow, and I could hardly guess whether it were a gift of beauty, or a slow, suffocating torture. It was beauty to […]

Frédéric Boutet: The Garden of the Pirate (part one)

Frédéric Boutet The Garden of the Pirate (part one)                                   The unknown visitor seated himself on the chair indicated by M. Duvaudois. “Monsieur,” he said, “you will forgive my insisting on being received in this way, presenting myself without […]

Spread Your Arms (poem)

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      Spread Your Arms   You’ll go out on a monitor Hiccupping with your backbone wishing for a final arch. Your chest cavity slumbers uninspired Ten nervous snacks swallowed in the last hour Your global gut draws its own gravity “What goes on?” a staffer asks The feeling is bubbly like root beer […]

The Impresario (part seventeen)

Posted by ractrose on 26 Nov 2019 in Art, Poems

      The Impresario Part Seventeen   “How long ago,” the seer begins “Though not so many days have passed And yet, how long ago it seems…” The Dauphin interrupts. “Vraiment! For a great, tedious time, Pierre, you have been talking. See, Tortu has gone to sleep!” “My old master, him I’d told you […]

My Blog Week: November 17 to November 23

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All the Latest from Torsade!                             A Word on the Week   Hearings and Seeings         Republicans seem to have picked up a couple of offensive strategies via the brain trust that brought us, this week, the Adult Playground.  […]

Frédéric Boutet: The Ghost of M. Imberger (conclusion)

Frédéric Boutet The Ghost of M. Imberger (conclusion)                                   I have never known whether or not, during this time, Maxence held clandestine meetings with Mme Imberger. Her, they did not permit me to follow, and he had the artfulness […]

The Impresario (part sixteen)

Posted by ractrose on 19 Nov 2019 in Art, Poems

      The Impresario Part Sixteen   “The gatekeeper, then, must be sweetened with a bribe For such a one may at any time be called aside He cannot leave a fire rage or fainting lady lie So, make fair claim to’ve been about his duties… That, Pierre, is what you mean to say.” […]

Bride to Be (part eight)

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      Bride to Be (part eight)   I dismounted This tree that marked the knoll had no known like her heart agape at the root, her wood aged white polished to gloss by the antler of the stag the bark of her burnt and lightning stripped the curious leaves we ladies pressed on […]

My Blog Week: November 10 to November 16

Posted by ractrose on 17 Nov 2019 in The Latest

All the Latest from Torsade!                             A Word on the Week   The Money Vortex         We don’t really know what happens. Forbes tallies up 607 American billionaires for the year 2018, with a gain of 21 new stratum […]

Assorted Opinions: They

Posted by ractrose on 16 Nov 2019 in Nonfiction

  Assorted Opinions They                   2020 seems a bad time for the Democrats to become the party of pronouns. History shows, of course, that they can pull it off, this snatching of defeat from the jaws of victory… And liberal forces appear to be gathering towards a […]