My Blog Week: Oct 22 to Oct 28

All the latest from Torsade!                     The week began with A Figure from the Common Lot: Battlefront (part four), in which Honoré, pursuing news, stirs a bit of trouble for himself. Next, a non-series poem, “Forbidden Fruit”, on the theme of gossip; then the sixth short […]

Battlefront: part five

Posted by ractrose on 29 Oct 2017 in Fiction, Novels

A Figure from the Common Lot Battlefront (five)           “Lieutenant Champierre will escort you from our camp,” Aubermont told Honoré. “What is your name?” “Honoré Gremot.” “That sorts with Dupuy’s account.” Negligently, Aubermont sat leafing through the sketchbook, showing (his purpose, Honoré thought) that several of its pages had been torn […]

Are You Alienated (part eight)

Are You Alienated (part eight)               “No, this is Mrs. Graham. May I take a message?” Well, awkward. Cammie, Minta guessed to be in her late twenties. Which was no reason she shouldn’t live with her mother. But she wanted to speak to Cammie only to learn why she’d […]

Phantom (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 25 Oct 2017 in Art, Poems

    Phantom   Here the river loses its bottle-glass translucence Before the shallows are disturbed Crook-legged insects skim like kites and chittering birds Paired in low flight dip and vault Wheeling from sight above the bankside’s wrinkled tension Water flows And parts, billowing in mud with each thrust of the salvage man’s pole Farther […]

Tourmaline: Authority Weighs In (part one)

Tourmaline Authority Weighs In (part one)           They needed to sit here, tented, wrapped in white skins. The skins had landed with a laugh, a bundle susurrating into freshly fallen snow, breaking the ice crust just after, hurled from some unsuspected place overhead. The Hidtha fleered at them for getting caught […]

Forbidden Fruit (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 23 Oct 2017 in Art, Poems

    Forbidden Fruit   Reincarnate from a molting-pod, as you were a jacket folding into its own hood, a chrysalis peeling an old pied skin then ratchet ratchet like a whalebone corset Worked up from the foot, past the hips Hung by the nervy grip of the brainstem Here you have crown and root […]

My Blog Week: Oct 15 to Oct 21

All the Latest from Torsade!                       This week began with A Figure from the Common Lot, “Battlefront”, part three, in which Honoré is taken up by Tweedloe, and given an assignment. The fifth short story in the Tourmaline series, “Promoted to Exile” concluded, with Herward […]

Battlefront: part four

Posted by ractrose on 22 Oct 2017 in Fiction, Novels

A Figure from the Common Lot Battlefront (four)         “At Mars-la-Tour…” “Answer me a question,” Müller cut him short. “Because I am curious to know. You have political ambitions?” Honoré considered. “What good does it do to have political ambitions?” “That is not for a soldier to say. You are a journalist, […]

Night Bird (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 20 Oct 2017 in Art, Poems

    Night Bird   Are you only flying for a season, night bird The owl’s talon in the gloaming takes you And the rat’s wary eye sees a feather Fall by moonlight as he noses through A quart jar’s broken neck This to a stumbling knee is bloody tragedy But who grubs away at […]

Are You Alienated (part seven)

Are You Alienated (part seven)                   She had popped her head round Dr. Slater’s door; judged, by his face, that he knew her, but hadn’t placed her at once…and that the mental file drawer in which he’d first rummaged for a clue was labeled, “Nuisances, female.” “I’m […]