Chiswick 1934: The German Spy (two)

Posted by ractrose on 31 Mar 2018 in Art, Poems

    The Folly The German Spy     Chiswick 1934   This area, where an up-and-comer rubs shoulders With the fraying shawl of gentility A lineage forged in lint And where underground commuters spot oddity Familiarly in circled eyes And fierce vampiric lights That pudding-skinned visages blanch into a sinister loneliness The chap whom […]

Are You Loveable (part five)

Are You Loveable (part five)                 “Take Mr. Hernshaw around the yard, why don’t ya, show him how we keep track of materials we charge to the client…and don’t stand there in the doorway letting the flies in.” Pete’s chuckling took a while to subside. “Mr. Hernshaw, I […]

Tried in the Fire: episode twenty-six

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Inimical Chapter 10 Tried in the Fire (episode twenty-six)               II.     By her watch, it was near 6:00 a.m. She had recognized the peremptory knock, a funny thing to realize you knew about someone; also, the early hour. But, for having slept in her skirt and blouse, […]

The Totem-Maker: Jealousy (part two)

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The Totem-Maker Jealousy (part two)             My predictions earned me status in the Decima household as a prodigy. Or, if nothing more, a jester. Divorced now from any shadow of belief…which for myself I had never had (had wanted only, for the sake of those to whom I belonged, earnestly […]

Yoharie: Stalking (part one)

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Yoharie Stalking (part one)               “Val said he didn’t want it. And I’m finished with it.” “Well…that’s fine.”   Walking down to the cul-de-sac, she’d seen him in his driveway. “What is wrong with Jeremiah Hibbler?” had been the thought crossing Giarma’s mind. Her eyes watched Trevor’s garage door […]

Tried in the Fire: Inimical (episode twenty-five)

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Inimical Chapter 10 Tried in the Fire (episode twenty-five)           Greta walked ahead, then stopped in front of a bookshop, reading the titles on display. “I think,” she told him, “one day you’re going to meet someone…a lady reporter maybe—probably. You’ll walk with her along a city street, talking about books […]

My Blog Week: March 18 to March 24

All the Latest from Torsade!                           A Figure from the Common Lot: Jerome (part five), began the week with Jerome agreeing to accompany Ebrach on another day’s journey. In episode twenty-three of Inimical, Chapter 10, Greta arrives in Frankfurt under the thumb of […]

Jerome: part six

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A Figure from the Common Lot Jerome (part six)             Jerome had managed so far only the unbuttoning. At intervals he’d tugged the cuff, abandoned this effort while lurching with the wagon’s motion; essayed a renewal of the attack with each regaining of his balance. His left hand was presently […]

Years Ago (poem)

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    Years Ago   Years ago, he said, I told a lie I know you aren’t the kind to entertain A callous repeating of cruel things I was at fault I had a weakness I atone   Of course she had done it At whatever time they met allusion To their dirty time of […]

Are You Loveable (part four)

Are You Loveable (part four)               “That right front tire’s a little ragged,” George said. “George,” Daisy said, “you and me are gonna go walk on that path up by the dam.” “Ha. I don’t think so.” “George, what’s Oland got to do with us getting divorced? Why you […]