BeeZeep (poem): TV culture

Posted by ractrose on 28 Aug 2017 in Art, Poems

      BeeZeep   What about that golden arm Give it back, will you give it back It would have been some other wife he’d rooked An after-image looking spectral, beckoning through glass Smashing sea waves shooting foam across the rocks spliced-in footage quick cuts from the door and back Saying not why did […]

My Blog Week: August 20 to August 26

All the Latest from Torsade!                   This week, the short story “Are You Jealous” concluded, with its fourth and final parts. “Tourmaline” part two was added, by excerpt to post, and full length to page. “Hammersmith” made its return after last appearing July 10. Not to make […]

First Tourmaline: conclusion

Tourmaline Tourmaline (conclusion)   He minded intensely. Being cleaned out of store…just to learn if they would rob him properly, once he’d shut the door and was alone with them. Or they might not rob him, but he would starve for obligation anyway, and could not send the distress signal to Palma. Her scorn would […]

Come Back (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 23 Aug 2017 in Art, Poems

    Come Back   Come back to the eatery you’d picked Memory in the folder of un-wholly-spoiled success Cowardice and obligation, avoiding death Hands of the simple good that itch For prey to stop along the way Our subject jokes in a beggarly way The cowed man bringing his cowed children To take their […]

On Taste: You, Yourself

Posted by ractrose on 22 Aug 2017 in Art, Non-Fiction

My Curious Reading An appeal to the senses.   You, Yourself             Taste can be understood both as a system of aesthetics, and a guideline to propriety. Regarding what might be labeled presentation, all things seen and owned, taste has two aspects: preference, and received perception. That is, what do […]

Are You Jealous (conclusion)

Are You Jealous (conclusion)               The girl stared as though a beam of light had fallen, making her squint. Presby’s smile was benevolent; with a sweep of the eyeglasses, he showed to her Eva and Henderson Young. Eva and Henderson held out their tiny celadon plates, their empty tumblers. […]

Brother Mouse (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 18 Aug 2017 in Art, Poems

    Brother Mouse   Crickets can fiddle Ask them, Brother Mouse, to play us an air It is near the frost, let the song be of death A concerto of whinging joints Comes lifelike ’neath a shaft of sun And fewer are the hours They may take the bow again   Spider doth weave […]

Tourmaline (part one)

Tourmaline Tourmaline (part one)     Anton nearly smiled. The glass kept steaming up, over and over. Because in a downstairs chamber something, and he did not know what, boiled. Had it been sour cabbage, he would have felt envious, hungry as he’d always been. But he never smelled anything cook in this house. On […]

Are You Jealous (part three)

Are You Jealous (part three)                 Reiff gave him a hard look. “The clock is broken. So long as this clock has been known, no one has found the part to fix it. But a part is nothing.” “Ah. Is a part nothing?” “I, through great luck, have […]

Taste Is Victory (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 12 Aug 2017 in Art, Poems

    Taste is Victory   Taste is victory You may as well not look Chaos, my partridge, is like The eye of shame in poor attire Swiveling and cocking As with these fowls I carry to the village fair Feathers ruffle and each movement stirs the air   Once I began to earn my […]