Wonderfully Made (poem)

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Oil painting cameo of person in headscarf




Wonderfully Made


The psalmist makes good report of himself

God sighs that the trick of vision could not be worked

When the heavy-brained article came to move and apprehend

He had hoped praise, in parlance, would mean humility

But what do things mean? It has feet to carry it here and there

Eyes to see and ears to hear. It has…that gift that in the engineering

God was willing they understand as linear…

For pathways as He recognizes them

Trace their chronology, and the order of the astronomical web

Expands itself exactly as laid

The bolt flies all in a trice…so that each bad choice

Shows plain, going through time, thirty years…fifty years

Which is to say, no time at all. This erring figure of man or woman…

And for their sake, again, he’d thought of lightening burdens

Why should it prove in their nature to strongarm?

They have been provided for


A father can’t do everything

His garden is all the gardens of the world

He’d always meant His creations to progress

And when they needed particular help, to ask

Why so beset by fear and greed?

Why, are these future-sensed ones so inherently evil?

He’d tried the experiment, sending a part of himself to tell them twice

To explain, by a face they would know, that they would always

Be Provided For

They wanted more




Wonderfully Made

Pastel drawing ghostly face of retributionFrom Superstition the Pendulum 
You Have an Enemy















(2020, Stephanie Foster)




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