Flash Fiction: Advice for Lightning

      Advice for Lightning     The yellow fog was half smoke, and a breaking sun’s rays glittered through this, cast over cinders. Being late to take advice, thinking no one had come to the door, she went out at last. Someone had. A flyer of emergency numbers hung from the knob. Leandrew […]

Mathilde Alanic: Shine! (part twenty-one)

Mathilde Alanic Shine! (part twenty-one)                             Annie, arrested by this proposition so attractive and unexpected, shot Winifred a significant look. “I thank you infinitely, madame! But won’t you find very near to you an ideal…an obliging and kind companion?” “Winifred?” Mme Fougerays […]

Flash Fiction: Character

Flash Fiction Character                           Though the question occurs…whether this is not a product of nostalgia, this notion… Of character or coherence…     Coherence, adhesion, McAlley says to himself. Redundancy. Like healing like. Things that were familiar have fallen to schemes, none of […]

Steaming (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 8 Dec 2020 in Art, Poems

      Steaming   She can’t leave where she is with a sense of cleansed but stands outside to begin, and in this dream every turn of path shows another face every door, with a yawn, pushes in without fuss they sit with their backs against her the lobbyists who wait while fear grows […]

Yoharie: Love Back (part five)

Posted by ractrose on 7 Dec 2020 in Fiction, Novels

Yoharie Love Back (part five)               The next item on the timetable, then, was Val, in his room, telling himself Sasha would call. Sasha would not call. They were friends, they were more than friends… They were less than friends. They could never be more than friends…ex-friends…because Val had […]

My Blog Week: November 29 to December 5

Posted by ractrose on 6 Dec 2020 in The Latest

All the Latest from Torsade!                             A Word on the Week   Stasis Oasis         “But you’d rather be, or I should say, you need to be, comforted by an explanation you believe is true. Here’s what’s funny. Anything […]

Celebrated (part eleven)

Posted by ractrose on 5 Dec 2020 in Fiction, Novellas

Novella Celebrated (part eleven)                       “Your name is in the book.” He laughed, with apology. The book was in the bedside drawer of his motel room… And so, anyway, he’d taken a look. “Well, I don’t…” She started this…she might have said, nobody calls me, […]

Flash Fiction: Free for All

Flash Fiction Free for All                     Suzette, who was going to teach how to sell lip gloss, eye palettes, body glitter— (H.E.N. the name of the line, which had underlying meaning, feminist sardonic, and official meaning: Health, Energy, Nature…) Had a drawing-in-of-the-lips habit. Long, impractical nails. […]

Mathilde Alanic: Shine! (part twenty)

Mathilde Alanic Shine! (part twenty)                           “We admit it!” answered Mme Fougerays coldly. “Marriage is a lottery, that is understood. All games of hazard have their traps.” She spoke with a boldness near cynicism, unafraid of her known history making the cause of […]

The Irrepressible: Third Allied Forces

Posted by ractrose on 2 Dec 2020 in Art, Poems

      The Folly Allied Forces         The Irrepressible   Jesmine, so much the counterpoint to her headstrong sister, had kept to her tuffet by the fireplace, demure with her teacup. Maude, as she would, spoke at once, the moment Mrs. Davenant rejoined them. ‘Oh, tell, Margaret! You can’t mean to […]