A Torsade Digital Gallery (two)

Posted by ractrose on 29 May 2021 in Art, Poems
Another collection of art for Torsade that doesn’t exist on paper. Except for the cover art for Are You Haunted, which has a print version on every copy.



Digital image of turtle

Art for poem, “World On”



Oil Painting with digital enhancement glowing orange red and black

Art for poem, “Lines Attached”



This is from a painting in progress, where I liked this phase of it, and wanted to preserve what would cease to be when the painting was finished. I also digitally enhanced the color and clarity.



Digital drawing of two figures on black background

Art for poem, “Distract Us”



Digital drawing of fisherman and sea-creature

Art for poem, “Loaded Language”



This was built off an extremely rough sketch for a painting once on this blog to accompany my poetry take on the Fisherman and his Wife fairy tale, that lives now in my book Mystery Plays.



Stylized photo Warhol-like glamour shot of woman

Art for poem, “Amygdala”



This is a stylized take on a picture of me.



Digital drawing of woman and robotic figure on bus

Art for poem, “The Lab-Grown Brain Makes Short Fiction”



Digital art of man at existenial moment on waterfront

Art for poem, “Tired of Yourself”



Stylized photo of head wearing skull-decorated helmet

Art for poem, “Oracle”



Suggestive of a face, but with a few enhancements, this is only a rotten patch on an apple. 



Digital painting of graffitti-style American flag and hunched figure

Art for short novel, “Are You Haunted”



Digital painting of futuristic living room chairs facing eyeball

Art for poem, “Interrupting”




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