Eight: Interrupting (poetry series)

Posted by ractrose on 30 May 2020 in Art, Poems

Digital painting of futuristic living room chairs facing eyeball






Bright comes the sun o’er prospects verdant

Bright comes the upglow of new-booted screen

Bright the blue ink on fresh-peeled Post-it

Bright the gay tinkle of first text received


Here is a pincer move to keep the target tautened

The dandiest thing in banquet platters, name-tagged, yours

Heaped with meats and glistening sauces

Heaped with southern layered biscuits

Pies that steam out pumpkin spices

Only you had better get that

No, rather not, sign a petition

Well, yes, one cares about the subject…

Just, though…in point of fact…

In the room behind, the feast puffs out its little heat

But of course…can’t commit

under pressure

And in the interim, someone has taken it away


It takes some brooding on…but to feel bumpered

Plenished with that sense of not going it alone

Say hey gang to a few non-friends, vent via bad day emoji and meme

Check again


Next you find yourself in Dutch

(And mental note: Can one still say so?)

Failed at reading the urgent email

Is a filter’s sensitivity anyone’s fault?

Algorithms seem to go by their own seditious thought


By afternoon, fancies of spring weather

Living in a camper-trailer

Funding findings on the road, of kitsch and retro

Learning to penguin-walk backwards interviewing Self

Who knew there was a museum dedicated to the witching ball

Or this place, the birthplace of the inventor

Of miniature golf





Pastel drawing figures in coffin-like seats around tableI Could Not

















(2019, Stephanie Foster)




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