Eight: Urgency (poetry series)

Posted by ractrose on 6 Jun 2020 in Art, Poems

Stylized photo pixelated mountain scene






Being on a holiday maker’s tramline

That rendezvous with Moment

Or the narrow, might be boulder-strewn

Road that hugs the mountainside

Just past the curve, or here. Where you are marooned.

Warning signs say      warning signs say


Rock falls…it won’t help knowing

You hardly know how to do the brake thing

But then, for the going up, where traffic’s crawl has slugged itself

Wholly into stasis, it seems your fate again, stuck in a gear

You doubt you’ll have the crucial hang of changing

Momentum meant a lot, and you’ve lost it

Still you have the vista

Diagonal below, through the side glass like a TV show

Depending those worse off ones

Bad luck’s baubles on a string

They weren’t expecting this no escape scenario

If the serial killer is a pot-shotter as well

Bored with easy pickings car by car

Or, if rock falls, why not cyclones roar

Is that shine on distant clouds the end of day

Or deathly cataclysm’s roll?


But relief at the hotel

A brief scurrying in with bags

Majesty and awesomeness, why does nature importune thus?

Sitting in a restaurant with a window view

Lasering sun finds every mole in bas relief

Maybe this the terror your mind should focus on

Next year perhaps no further of this travel

Think of how they’ll fire you before the tests come back

Was your see you Monday taken with a smirk?





Oil painting man with cat spots before fenceIs Nothing
Oh, You Did That?















 (2019, Stephanie Foster)




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