Is Nothing (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 6 May 2019 in Art, Poems

Is Nothing (poem) art with figure in front of fence




Is Nothing


Sacred, you would be inclined to add

Sacred, draw an image from the void

A graven image or a prunish pose

Whatever state of mind or objectivity

Beats our bargains must remain in inventory

Is nothing nothing nothing is

Can stop us now | but a dream

To lose by trying | can be gained by lying

Only bones in the cupboard, poor dog…

Nothing left to do but wait

Nothing good will come of this

Else for it, ventured, extenuated

A good night’s sleep won’t cure

More to say


More to say?

Add to an inclination, would you be sacred

Void from an image, would pictify sacred

Pose, scrupulist, wondering if charity is fair to the rich

On the (edge am I?) of your grave

Object or mind on behalf of the state

Inventory in remains must bargain

Is nothing nothing nothing is

A dream, but stop us now

Lying by gaining trial by loss

And so the poor dog had none

Wait, but do nothing will come of good

Capitulate, be mummified, or else

Gunslinger photos [two] cede a

Roomy seat




Is Nothing

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(2019, Stephanie Foster)




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