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Posted by ractrose on 27 May 2021 in Art
Since digital art has been in the news, and so far as anyone understands the phenomenon may be the future of art collecting; and since I had a day of nonwriting work that kept me from preparing a more content-heavy post, I thought I’d share with my readers some of the images I’ve created for this blog that exist only digitally, having been made on the computer. Click the image if you want to recall the poem it goes with.



Photo art of blue figures

Art for poem “question”



Oil painting collage of two halves of a face

Art for poem “Push”



This one came by serendipity, when I had two paintings stacked together, and the line made by the edge of the first, fit to the second as though it was half of the character’s face, random shapes taking on the appearance of a mouth and an eye. 



Digital painting of face with heavy eyeliner

Art for poem, “What Would I Do”



Digitalized photo-painting of Wayne Newton

Art for poem, “Not a Living Thing”



Wayne Newton has turned up a couple of times in my poetry (the above image a take on a copyright free photo). First, he is the singer I was thinking of, mentioned in “The Public Waits for a Hint”, and then he’s mentioned directly in “Not a Living Thing”.



Digital painting of creature's eye

Art for poem, “The Leopard”



Digitalized photo of orb

Art for poem, “Understand”



Digital painting of ballerina

Art for poem, “Llewellyn at Home”



Digitalized photo of apple core

Art for poem, “Picking Brains”



This is made from a photo of a piece of sliced apple. 




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