The Leopard (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 8 Feb 2020 in Art, Poems

Digital painting of creature's eye




The Leopard


Wanted to invoke a god who births words

That in upheaval spit the razor-glass of life

Erode and thus create the bed

Where the first rooted thing

Rose against the maelstrom

And when a calm fell floating

Iron filleted into ash

Flung high to the cold revolution

Down with a bead of water

Blanketing snow

Rolling as the earth rolls

These several find the key, the spark of being

The wriggling form of complication

Draw sun and spew acid

Foully hoist the head


The polished jade

A moist eye glistening outside the cage

Here is a spectacle worth sitting for

Already the leopard has chosen

If he escapes

There is no help for the one who loses




The Leopard

Charcoal and pastel drawing of leaping figureEven Heard
Canned Peas















(2020, Stephanie Foster)




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