Bride to Be (part five)

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Pencil drawing of middle-aged early medieval queen




Bride to Be (part five)


Alderic. Do I not know the name? Is he that man

Tills yon spit of land, so thin and barren

Trades in horses…

Have a care, young daughter. Vestal to a carven goddess

These our conquerors will have you cloistered

There your nose may humbly point, as your Mother Abbess

Orders, not in air


Humbly, my queen, I beg your pardon


Your seat is that I once was placed on

You will love, as I have loved

To find a lecher, quartering his men

Making captives of your brother’s peasants, scattering his grain

Names his price to take the road again


But I would pray vengeance on him

Simpleton. I did the like

Went I to my father’s throne and knelt there many hours

When he’d supped and taken of his warders

Each accounting of each lamb and every vine in bud

And trespassers, their fleece-cloaked shoes, scented by the dogs

At the rise of moon he said, making show of wonder

Why, daughter…

This that plagues my child’s heart

Keeps her from her mother’s side

Taking neither food nor drink

This day long

Be it naught to do with Alderic

He dares beyond his place

He too, on knees before me…did you know of it?

I have sent him hence

And do you weep? Be at peace

Whate’er you ask, I grant

Provided it has naught to do with Alderic




Bride to Be

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 (2019, Stephanie Foster)




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