Baron Haussmann’s story about George Sand (conclusion)

From Mémoires de baron Haussmann, 1890 (conclusion)           I had taken care to forewarn the Lieutenant of the Gendarmerie, and upon our return to the Sous-Préfecture, we found him ready to leave with a brigade. The expedition was put in motion without delay, and in good order, thanks to the post-chaise […]

New Book! Are You Haunted

Posted by ractrose on 9 Oct 2019 in Fiction, Novellas

Buy on Amazon! Paperback edition       Powell Kenzie has wandered, living the life of a vagabond, since his discharge from the army. The year is 1948. He finds himself in a small New England town, by watchman Lloyd Guy given temporary shelter in the remains of the Drybrook works. On the hill opposite […]