Adventures in Research: Huckstering

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Adventures in Research








As the news patron leafs casually through the daily pages, he may simply overlook the advertisement that doesn’t reach out and grab. 


A brief selection of quirks and ingenious notions, from advertisers of the 19th century.





Newspaper clipping strange creature used to sell shoes



Take the word of a feathered rat monster, when shopping for your fine kid shoes.



Newspaper clipping of odd monster used to advertise paint



On the other hand, if it’s paint you’re after, consult the robot/lizard/squid/chicken.



Newspaper clipping 1800s advertising play on Garfield assassin



Fake news, old school style, taking advantage of the topical, in 1881.



Newspaper clipping 1900s advertising for coffins



Dearly beloved, your loss is our gain.





Adventures in Research: Huckstering

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Mystery at Sea
















(2019, Stephanie Foster)




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