Cats! Fourteen Cartoons Featuring a Feline Theme

Posted by ractrose on 20 Aug 2018 in Cartoons

A collection, from my sister blog, The Cartoon House, on arguably the most popular cartoon theme, felines and their second bananas.



Have a Heart


Cartoon of cats telepathically asking owner not to vacuum


Auguring Iffy


Cartoon of living sphynx and Egyptian servant in hat with feather decoration




Cartoon of man talking to cat like pirate


It’s in the Perspective


Cartoon of cat disparaging dog stuck on ledge


There Must Be An Answer


Cartoon of cats discussing laser pointer


A Touch of Bedevilment


Cartoon of stolen artifact cursing purchaser


Not Your Ratty Ol’ Photocopy


Cartoon of lighted sign advertising missing cat


Agent Seeks Client


Cartoon of cats who may be internet stars


Perhaps I Dream


Cartoon of cat dreaming of chickens


Every Dog Has His Day


Cartoon of cat defending dog in court


Room and Board


Cartoon of man chasing bird


Parade of Life


Cartoon of cat noticing burglar


Mega Fauna


Cartoon of megafauna at tar pit


Still Hangin’


Cartoon of cat hanging in there on a star





Cartoon of female pharoah and god AnubisSee All Kinds of Comic Doings on The Cartoon House!


















(2017, 2018 Stephanie Foster)