Eight: Sacred Science (poetry series)

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Oil painting of man in strange landscape stalked by bird




Sacred Science


The Light is the Light

It is thus, New Ones, young Flowers of the Sun

The This

The Instrument of Inner Tunefulness

Our Helmsman, He our Earth-Names denote


He Whom the Light Awakened

Is the Helmsman Whom the Light Awakened

As the Ultra of the Nebula Pulsahria


And the Teachings that to him were given

Are the Teachings that to him were given

And the Empty who were called to follow

Are the Empty who were called to follow

Now be filled


Kernel-Stars of the Ultra, question nothing

The Lesser, who are falsely filled

Are falsely filled with Love of Earthly Lucre

Keeping ties with lying counsellors

Earth-Bound counsellors who shall not be taken up

On that Day of Great Return

Why (answer this, if you’ve a heart to)

Should lovers, friends, or parents care so much?

Dear Children

Perhaps it is not you, it is your money

But the Helmsman has thought of this

In his nightly Emanations he has not summoned these


Father-Sage,  Replenisher, the Helmsman knows

That Which the Helmsman Knows

And knew, when first he sensed your Being

The Atomenes in their billion millennia of Ages

Gain passage through the Flesh of their Former Selves

And when the Light journeys here at last

To Herald the rebuilding of the City

By their faith shall The Tuneful be new-made






(Latest in the Eight series, part one of which is based on Robert J. Lifton’s eight steps to totalitarian thought control, a system first introduced in 1961. In fact, a high degree of control seems obtainable through a type of self-servicing, something the internet has taught us. People are more readily persuaded to “join” a group, even without direct contact, than early students of propaganda might have supposed.)


Sacred Science

Oil painting of city on hillside

Loaded Language













(2019, Stephanie Foster)




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