Eight: Confession (poetry series)

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Confession (poem)






You want to resist

Oh yes. You resist the teaching, you do.

Hadn’t they insisted at the little meeting

Hadn’t they insisted

(Oh, but I think you know what I mean.)

Hadn’t they shared with you, trusted you

Been kind to you, for joining us may be your redemption

And yet, it won’t.

Because you won’t be redeemed.

Your head seems lowered and your eyes shifting

You were asked a question and your leader, sadly

Smiles. He would be happy if recruits

Could be trusted. But they can’t.

Can’t yet. Can’t advance yet.

His fatherly love is not bandied

It is a thing hard won

When you came in, your gait…

Your walk reluctant, your sitting in your chair

Attitudinous, disappointing, heavy.

You make noise.

You do not sit erect and answer with alacrity

You hide your stubborn worldliness

Thou hast not put this sin away from thee

You, then. It may be you don’t really belong

Worse, you are rather dishonest

All along, he murmurs, I suppose

…been that one’s purpose.

It grieves the leader, speaking louder, turning to them all again

Grieves him, but he admits, sometimes, yes, the envious…

Sometimes, yes, we find mere hirelings…

Mere hirelings

Of the enemy, infiltrators

He glances right and left

His two lieutenants nod

Sometimes, yes, betrayers…

But the loyal members, after all

I don’t blame them. They feel strongly.

Now, do you love me? No, you don’t

And here I’ve come to speak to you myself.





Oil painting of turtle-shaped volcanic island

Turtle Island (part two)
Sacred Science












(2018, Stephanie Foster)




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