Cartoon Stories: Historical Hijinks

Posted by ractrose on 23 Mar 2020 in Cartoons

Cartoon of cat hanging in there on a starCartoon Stories

Historical Hijinks





This week, some riffs on topics drawn from history.




Cartoon of medieval soldiers being greeted

Buzz Word. “Hello” is an evolved word, from hola (to fetch), more or less its Germanic origin. Of course, hello is basically an Americanism, but anything (and everything) goes in cartoons. New slang is forever annoying…except to the ones who adopt it right away.



Cartoon of medieval characters, one eating quince

Medieval Health Hectoring. The usual problem. As soon as you’re about to dig in to something you especially like…



Cartoon of musketeer and serving girl

One for One. I happened to hear the (fairly negligible) theme song by Bryan Adams, Sting, and Rod Stewart, to one of the Three Musketeers movies, and it gave me this thought.



Cartoon of Croatoan mystery

Croatoan. Maybe history has made too much of the whole thing.



Cartoon of Lord Sandwich

Salad Days. Once you get started, you can’t slow down…



Cartoon of French Revolution

Every Pile of Kindling Meets Its Match. Historical, but of the present.



Cartoon of WWI wounded

Tipperary. And the powers that be, WWI-era.




Historical Hijinks
Cartoon of smiling uranium atom

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(2020, Stephanie Foster)



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