Cartoon Stories: Horse Opera

Posted by ractrose on 10 Feb 2020 in Art, Cartoons

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Horse Opera







At One with the Sagebrush. I’d been reading some critical treatments of Literature, books that feature cowboys monumentalized, as tends to be the output of one or two well-known prize winners… 





Billionaires in Hell. This one comes from the Mars Colony talk of a few years ago. Transporting ordinary workers to the colony might be an insurmountable problem, since there’s nothing to buy on Mars, life is grim generally, and current dictatorial trends have been promoting a selfish nihilism. The idea of sacrificing to leave a legacy for the next generation is about the only appeal left, and they’ve squandered that too. Per consequence, they end up having to work as equals, meaning they’ll have to trust to each others’ decency. Which makes things tricky when one billionaire has to leave the base and count on another to open the door again, not find it a merry prank to go wandering off.





Wanted Man. One thing cartooning allows, is to give a little life to old notions of things that would be funny…if there were a way of expressing them. Like this one, with the artistic stylings of the middle ages making a constable’s work a little problematic.




Horse Opera
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