Cartoon Stories: Depends on the Drawing

Posted by ractrose on 18 Feb 2020 in Cartoons

Cartoon of cat hanging in there on a starCartoon Stories

Depends on the Drawing





The artistic style of cartoons can be very simple. In a lot of cases the success of the panel depends on the joke. I’ve read that some professionals draw their art and hire writers for the punchlines. But here are a few, two matured in style to the point of allowing the pencil to stand unfiltered, in which the visual makes the gag. 



Cartoon of man wearing silverware



Cutlery. The idea was, Marty is of a stubborn temperament; when his wife tells him what he can do with his gift, he dons the silverware in defiance. But it’s also possible to interpret this as a punishment she imposed on him. 



Cartoon of skeleton man



Make No Bones. There is horror and there is humor. But horror with humor is comforting in its way. One thing you can do with cartoons is give friendly points of view to oddities that would normally not have one.



Cartoon of new style blouse



Fashion Forward. Because, as you may have noticed if you shop, clothes are weird these days. And this invention isn’t so far off from things you can actually buy.



Cartoon of TV nature show


Wonders of Nature. The future of nature shows, when the earthly ecosphere collapses, and they have to make do with what they’ve got.




Horse Opera
Cartoon of smiling uranium atom

See The Cartoon House















(2020, Stephanie Foster)



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