Such Is Life (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 12 Oct 2023 in Art, Poems

Pastel and pencil sketch of baby penguin




Such Is Life


The dream, a side effect

Always asking ears be lent at waking times

Ugly invest, imp of intent

Garnish that thought, the sufferer selfcounsels

Such is life, each become a theme

Each devoid of rallying, or selfemployed, as is

at broadcasting

The dream, a side effect, now DNA has undergone pandemic

mouths like an aphid, drifts amid fellows milked by ants

A carnival ride in a cervical collar, ankle clamps

The dream is of toys and gifts, cupcakes and candles

Payments dunned, delinquents found through selfforged links

Forgotten petitioners owed apology

Exiting taxis in aisles of stores

Drivers winged cherubim, their eyes downcast

as claims on the sufferer crowd the ceiling

Cheery yoohoos, tender feelings

At all, do you remember me?

Bollards that line the street are gumball machines

A careering ambulance has toppled

The prizes that spill are glittering bubbles


What asks, when the brink of collapse is a boring preamble

Asks waking, still, why be harassed

Chew your wad with a frown of concentration

Mind on task




Such Is Life

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(2022, Stephanie Foster)