My Blog Week: July 30 to August 5

Posted by ractrose on 14 Aug 2023 in The Latest

A black cat, nicknamed Nortie, who serves as Torsade's site ambassador.

All the Latest from Torsade!












Cartoon of newscasters doing a light piece

Cartoon of the Week: The Lighter Side







On Tuesday and Wednesday, All Bedlam Courses Past, and HonorĂ©’s last talk with his old friend. Friday, The Totem-Maker, and a game of fortunetelling. Saturday, The Mirrors, with Charmante recalling the day her world changed.






My Blog Week: July 30 to August 5




All Bedlam Courses Past (part sixty-two)
August 1



All Bedlam Courses Past (part sixty-three)
August 2



The Totem-Maker (part ten)
August 4



The Mirrors (part fifty-one)
August 5




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