My Blog Week: July 2 to July 8

Posted by ractrose on 16 Jul 2023 in The Latest

A black cat, nicknamed Nortie, who serves as Torsade's site ambassador.

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Cartoon of three wee folk looking for a rental

Cartoon of the Week: All Oak Trim, Fern Investors Welcome







On Monday, The Totem-Maker, taken on a first venture of tax assessing. On Tuesday and Friday, All Bedlam Courses Past, with discussion of the summer’s pressing topic. On Saturday, another Catastrophe, and the state of the dead, interpretations of their surroundings.






My Blog Week: July 2 to July8



The Totem-Maker (part seven)
July 3



All Bedlam Courses Past (part fifty-two)
July 4



All Bedlam Courses Past (part fifty-three)
July 7



Catastrophe (part forty-five)
July 8