Style Statements: This Week’s AI Images

Posted by ractrose on 4 Jun 2023 in Art, Nonfiction

Can the bot play fashion designer?


Last week’s fantasy figures sported some snazzy looks, raising the question of whether the bot, as designer, could do custom orders. My first request was for a business suit, for a Supreme Court Justice, who uses a wheelchair.



AI image created by Bing, of woman in wheelchair wearing brown suit.


The bot did put faces on these characters, a thing it seems to struggle with—maybe deliberately, to avoid accidental resemblance to a real person. Three of the images were white men; this was the only woman, whose suit is conventional…although the demi-length jacket should be comfortable, and brown was trending in Fall ’22 as the new black.


AI image created by Bing of a gangster-looking man in a wheelchair.


In this case, the bot has got Supreme Court somehow confused with gangster.


AI image created by Bing, of woman in flight attendant's uniform.


The next assignment was a flight attendant’s uniform inspired by the 1920s. All four images were women. Fashion-wise, this suit is good—though opera gloves might be a little impractical.


AI image created by Bing, of a flight attendant in a blue uniform, smoking.


In this case, judging by the company logo, and the activity, the bot got 1920s conflated with 420.


AI image created by Bing, of a flight attendant, in a sweater and skirt set uniform.


Now this little suit, simply, is perfect. Even the hat is good.


AI image created by Bing of a woman in a burgundy with gold lace trim gala gown.


The next assignment was a gala gown for an army general. The gown is impressive, though the woman is adjacent to her military escort, not clearly a general herself. (The white-uniformed soldiers at least are wearing satin pants.)



It copped out in cutting the face in half, but still a bold gender-fluid statement.



The last assignment was three men in white suits. I was curious to know if the Bee Gees would turn up as an influence, but the bot took its inspiration from fashion spreads. Still, the center figure is a keeper, for himself, and for the choice of fabric—a textured knit, with single lapel and no buttons, making this suit believably couture.


AI image created by Bing, of three men in white suits.


No new ground broken here, but the obnoxious smirk of the righthand figure feels truly observed.





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