My Blog Week: May 7 to May 13

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No cartoon this week, since I couldn’t find enough drawing time. But here are three AI images, “High Rises Made from Cottages”.



AI image created with Bing of a high rise made from cottages

A sad metropolis of concrete towers, yet a tree-lined cottage oasis at the center.

AI image created with Bing of a high rise made from cottages

A brooding city that seems to be all cottages.

AI image created by Bing of a high rise made from cottages

A sunny cottage complex designed for every budget, featuring both flats and condos.


Is AI illustration ethical? Obviously, it’s light years ahead of clipart. If you blog, and have poems or other material you need images for, the questions before creating AI would be, do you have a budget in your work to hire an artist? Are you an artist yourself, and able to use your own work? For everyday people, the use of AI illustration can’t take jobs from artists, because everyday people are in no position to hire artists. Whereas, in commercial artwork, AI is one of the available tools, and graphics professionals should be eager to incorporate anything useful into their repertoires. If you clearly designate the source of your illustration, and don’t take credit for more than the curating and enhancement of the image, I don’t think the use of AI is unethical. The results should be an improvement over the weird little line drawings, or extremely generic representations (“a computer on a desk”; “a coffee cup on a table”; etc.) that are in the public domain.


This week I started fresh edits on two novels-in-progress, The Totem-Maker and Yoharie. Neither book is finished, but both have grown to 80,000+ words and are crying out for continuity repair. Since it’s hard to bring a story home if you don’t know where it’s gone astray, sometimes you have to stop composing and start marshalling-in.
On May 9, Bedlam, and the beginning of a new chapter section, with Élucide’s party visiting Mrs. Buckley at her Cumberland River estate, Alarica. On May 11, The Mirrors, the circle part-dismantled, still strong enough to suck Charmante into the spirit-view of Charleton Dumain. 







My Blog Week: May 7 to May 13



All Bedlam Courses Past (part forty)
May 9



The Mirrors (part forty-three)
May 11



The Totem-Maker (part one)
May 12



Yoharie (part one)
May 13




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