Fun with Pics and Memes (a foray into AI generated images)

Posted by ractrose on 27 Apr 2023 in Art


I decided to check out the Bing Chatbot’s image creating feature. 




AI image created by Bing of Pallas's Cat Fighting WWI


From a request for “Pallas’s Cat fights WWI”. 




AI Image created by Bing of a schooner manned by lizards



From a request for “Schooner manned by lizards”.  The bot offers four renditions of each request, and I picked this as the best because of the weird figures at the center. My use of the word “manned”, I assume, caused the bot to throw in something vaguely human. In each choice, the lizard at the prow was gigantic. 




AI Image created by Bing of a 747 with a human head


AI Image created by Bing of a 747 with a female head


AI Image created by Bing of a plane with a human head


One request for “747 with a human face”, resulted in planes with faces looking painted on, as WWII bombers. Then I changed it to “human head”, and got these results. The last image was drawn from just “Plane with a human head”. It seemed the bot’s own choice to make this theme moody and dystopian.




AI Image created by Bing of Lester Holt destroying a tornade



Finally, I put in “Lester Holt destroys a tornado.” The bot doesn’t know the NBC News anchor, and gave four different and incorrect faces. This artwork is best overall, with Holt using a primitive wooden mallet (and six-fingered hand) to explode the tornado.