Clarify Me Anointer (poem)

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Clarify Me Anointer


clarified lay the becoming way

the motorcycle ahead under a sudden crossroads billboard

uplit in LED

the driver recalled when they’d complained

or reading that complaints existed

a runner pants in his periphery

a towel flapping from the shorts

reads FUND ME

distant from connecting arteries

wanting to photograph a ghost and sell the NFT

complaints about the ugly

does a ghost girl flagging rides shy from the brilliant traffic

complained of what now reassures

the runner appears gone

why in the night does a man run?


slow, a hitchhiker blue, then bathed in white

the animation dissolves

she speckles away in mosaic

complained about the naturescape of a barren road

she had stood and in her place the mane of a lion

floats and lies in a wind Byronic




Take Your Place

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(2021, Stephanie Foster)




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