My Blog Week: December 4 to December 10

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Cartoon of elderly couple sitting in garden

Cartoon of the Week: Passage of Thyme








More Covid advice: I learned from a little research that Covid affects the lymphatic system, and this may account for the symptom of fatigue. If you catch Covid, work on lymphatic recovery, and don’t pay much attention to comparisons to the flu. Covid seems to last about three times as long, for one thing. In my case, the fatigue has been much more debilitating than any respiratory symptoms.

Here’s a good daily tonic: One part Kombucha tea, to two parts pomegranate juice. Kombucha is a fermented drink that restores balance to your bacterial population. Pomegranate has Vitamin C and potassium. Fruits and juices are generally good for your lymphatic system, along with leafy greens. For exercise, do light weights, and slow stretches, as in yoga or tai chi. That type of exercise releases the lymph, while a jog or long walk might stress your lungs and isn’t as beneficial for fatigue.

It looks like a rough season of winter illnesses ahead, so best of luck to everyone, and take good care of yourselves! 


On Monday, The Folly, a sample from the Battle Stations arc. Tuesday, The Mirrors, with Charmante and William learning one of the island’s secrets. Thursday, Catastrophe, Senator Knight and his political enemies at odds over versions of events.
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My Blog Week: December 4 to December 10



The Folly: Llewellyn at Home (poem)
December 5


The Mirrors (part twenty-seven)
December 6


Catastrophe (part thirty-nine)
December 8





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