My Blog Week: November 27 to December 3

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Covid, for me, turns out to be low-grade and persistent. It started last Saturday and hasn’t substantially changed. I’ve had little bouts of chest coughs, and a kind of simmering heat that flares up if I get active, but otherwise it just feels stuffy and fatiguing.

I want to offer what good advice I can. I’ve read it takes two weeks to recover from Covid, and that seems likely. A lot of workers, unfortunately, won’t be given two weeks. Back in quarantine times, mandates might have given reprieve, but without mandates, it would need a generous sick leave policy to have the rest days Covid sufferers should be getting. What I have noticed is that I can get up and do a chore or two, a little yard work, a grocery run, some housecleaning, but then I get that fatigued feeling, and need to lie on the sofa and take it easy. I also have a sense the symptoms could worsen and become severe if I strained my energy. No one knows the nature of Covid, but it does seem to stress the body’s resources. When I get up in the mornings, I start feeling much peppier after hydrating and eating. So I think the body is on a thin threshold and getting well depends on rest and resupply.

For people whose lives aren’t their own to make that choice, I wish a better world for you, first, and encourage you to give yourself all the breaks you can.


This is last week’s MBW. Maybe I’ll get this week’s Monday. On Tuesday, The Mirrors, with Charmante receiving a mirror-world message, And two poem reissues, during this sluggish week, both from the collection Rattus.
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My Blog Week: November 27 to December 3



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