My Blog Week: October 23 to October 29

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Cartoon of haunted family

Cartoon of the Week: The Wraith-Hanging Season








Twitter, in its day, had hit on a serendipitous convergence…

Or, in words of fewer syllables, Twitter appealed to celebrities. The founding idea of Twitter’s brief, in-the-moment messaging, brought aboard the most accessible stratum of the famous: TV journalists, office holders, series actors, comedians, up-and-coming singers. People didn’t expect Oprah, or Madonna, or Tom Cruise, to turn up on their feeds often, but many of us enjoyed the occasional second-string famous person like.

Twitter made a space for everyday people to mingle with elites, to feel the world of “being allowed to speak” could belong to them, too.

The trouble with not leaving Twitter now, is that every imposed change forces a conscious choice. People are being fired, cruelly deprived of their livelihoods, not for having transgressed—but for caprice. To go on using the platform means saying to yourself, “I can be okay with this.” If the banished haters are welcomed back to Twitter, to spew to their followers again, you will have to say, “I can be okay with this.” If the tone of discourse grows more fascist, less democratic, more bullying, a lot less funny, you will have to say, “I can be okay with this.”

And you know, today, that you don’t want these ethical step-downs. You don’t want to be the person you become when you’ve fully descended.

Some people have been posturing against leaving, but I question what sort of activism they think they can perform by staying. Scolding and lecturing the rotten people hasn’t made rottenness go away. Defiant feelings may result from a playground vibe, as in “the bullies can’t run us off”…

But the analogy is false. Social media is more a virtual playground, where, by using a magic device, you can sit in your chair and move to another playground. Will the bullies follow? To a degree (they’ll try). However, the advertising model is what made robot eyes on the page as profitable as human ones. This can be fixed with verification of users. The architects of the new playground just have to anticipate profits on a smaller, more honorable scale.



On Tuesday, “Heckler”, concluding with the planned performance gone wrong. Thursday, The Mirrors, and the crossing to the island. Friday, Catastrophe, recounting the heroic efforts of Martinique’s police and volunteers. 
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My Blog Week: October 23 to October 29



Heckler (conclusion)
October 25


The Mirrors (part twenty-two)
October 27


Catastrophe (part thirty-five)
October 28




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