Fair Enough (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 8 Jun 2022 in Art, Poems

Oil painting of angry woman's face abstract background




Fair Enough


Having a penetrating sort of vision

That pierces fuselage

Pares the sea-floor to viscerate the hull

Of the queen of Atlantis’s barge

And pixelates figures of varying density

And having no soundtrack flings of panic

Or pain vaporing implosive motions

Perturbate the heated air around

Their persons like tiny walkers vapid

Comedic eyeless men

On watch-faces slightly smarter

Than the watcher

At any rate. Gruesome pleases the gropey-handed peeper

He had a wish to enlist fellow sufferers

Who would learn to see existence through his eyes

And be taught particulating into the universal source


An automated warehouse of delivered ends

Of all one is that might

You will be dead as the dinosaur by then

You will melt away in ground water and be fracked

Up to run a vehicle that runs on methane

An incinerator tidying you to ashes with a window

To see inside when it’s done

And if they lied and brought their phone

Inure yourself to horror

Fight the war with the broken-dog mind of a soldier

The torture you inflict payback for that you imagine

Yours coming therefore

Fair enough




Fair Enough

Oil painting figures climbing hill woman and childThe Hillside
















(2019, Stephanie Foster)




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