My Blog Week: May 15 to May 21

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Cartoon of Robert Smith and Jolene

Cartoon (rerun!) of the week: Love Birds







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Clip Art of GlobeIf it’s not one thing, it’s another…






Have you ever been at the point of just finishing some projects taking up your time, and being all set to really concentrate on your writing?

Last week, I was making good progress, moving the short stories and translation back into the task mix, getting some editing done…and I had high hopes for bringing back regular stints on poetry. But on Sunday my lawnmower quit starting. On Monday, after a day’s work in the garden, I tried again, and it still wouldn’t start. I decided it was well time to buy a new one, as the old mower has always been difficult (I hate bothering with cans of gas), and the length the cord has to be pulled is a challenge to a 5-foot woman.

I bought a new battery-powered mower, that I’m looking forward to trying. That was on Tuesday. Unfortunately, I was tugging the box out of my car’s back seat, when the handle suddenly tore away, and I went flying onto my garage’s concrete floor.

I landed on my right hand, and ended up with a sprained wrist. The bruises have come up very colorful all week, while the pain has not been too severe. I put on double compression sleeves right away, which seems to have done a lot of good. Pushing and pulling movements are the problematic ones. I normally stretch my shoulder with a 15 pound kettlebell, and today I tried a 2 pound hand-weight, and that was too heavy—a pretty good gauge of the injury.

The upshot is that I can’t draw cartoon art, and I can’t write with a pen. My typing has come back with no problem, whereas I couldn’t use the mouse righthanded for the first few days.

So with a week of difficulties and adjustments, and a shaggy lawn I haven’t been able to help yet, I kept up with the blog as much as I could. No continuation of the Happy Talk series this Sunday, but I will carry on playing catch-up!






On Tuesday, a poem from my Uncollected group, and from the Jumping Off series. Thursday, the conclusion of “Nedforum”, with Anton given a new assignment in proximity to the prisoner Jocelyn. Friday, The Mirrors, and a frisson of unease for Charmante, as the men’s work progresses. Saturday, a poem rerun from Rattus
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My Blog Week: May 15 to May 21


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