Eight: King’s Knight (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 28 Mar 2022 in Art, Poems

Digital image of fish




King’s Knight


A yellow shirt. A sardine sandwich.

King asks, that any good…stinky little fish, with the bones?

Have a bite.

There’s a couple things wrong with that idea.

Y. Murray nods. He exhales the whole of his lunch, mustard,

fish, rye, onion rings

By the way, King says, you dress like that on purpose?

So my shirt don’t stain?

Lots of laughs, from Y. Murray, like with all his jokes

Nothing about me, Artsy, is any of your problem.

He puts out a finger and draws a circle towards himself

Can’t. I told you when I called…

Y. Murray laughs more. Artsy, you don’t know the ways I get paid!

I got no money. And the bishop got no money

cause they stole it.

Who’s this they?

Jeez, if I knew I’d of given him names.

So, I do what for you? You starving? Take these two last ones.

King eats the soggy onions. Gotta have him off my back. I didn’t

take anything. Why’s he think so? People are in and out all day…

It’s a goddamn church!

Well. Maybe he’s got you pegged for stupid. What’s Artsy gonna do,

he says to himself? Ask around. So Y. Murray wants to know,

how come you don’t ask around?

I did. And Rainy said I oughta come to you

Aw Rainy, says Y. Murray, as though speaking to himself

Don’t take those cheap shots in the dark




King’s Knight

Pastel drawing of person looking at reflection in windowQueen’s Knight
















(2022, Stephanie Foster)




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